World War Z Will Return In 2017


World War Z posterAfter the success of the first installment of World War Z, it was not surprise that we were going to get a sequel. The only surprise is that it has taken this long for it to arrive. Even more troubling is that we have to wait another two years before we get to see the movie.

Paramount Pictures yesterday announced the release date for the Zombie Apocalypse movie as June 9, 2017. Though the movie is still untitled, it will see Brad Pitt reprise his lead role as Gerry Lane, the man charged with the responsibility of finding the cure to the virus that turned the whole world into flesh eating zombies.

More interesting however is the fact that the release date set for the movie is the same day 20th Century Fox has planned to release its Fantastic Four 2, setting up an epic Box Office battle. We’ll definitely be keeping out an eye for who wins that one.

The World War Z sequel will be written by Stephen Knight and directed by Juan Antonio Bayona.