We Didn’t See This Coming! Straight Outta Compton Grosses $56million To Top Box Office


Straight Outta Compton posterUniversal is having the summer of its life.

Straight Outta Compton, a biopic for gangsta rap group, N.W.A, was released over the weekend, and while there was absolutely no doubt that the movie would do well, very few people could have predicted how well it eventually did. Many had predicted a decent earning of less than $30million (the most optimistic of us put the figures at $40million), but the film surpassed all expectations after it grossed a whopping $56million, making it the highest grossing biopic of all time.

The film’s huge success can be attributed in no small part to the brilliant marketing efforts put in by Universal. If you’ve gone on Facebook within the past week or so, then you probably have seen pictures of people editing pictures of themselves and adding the text “Straight outta…”. It was a brilliant strategy that cost very little, but was able to achieve its goal (and very well I might add). I hope Nigerian producers can take a cue from this and learn that marketing a film does not necessarily have to be expensive. And by the way, if anyone from the major distribution houses of Hollywood films in Nigeria is reading, please, bring Straight Outta Compton to Nigeria.

The other big entrant this weekend was Guy Ritchie’s The Man From U.N.C.L.E., which earned a disappointing $13million, which is well below all projections. The sad part is that the movie didn’t even gross as much as Mission: Impossible-Rogue Nation ($17million) which is already in its third week.

Fantastic Four continued its bad run, taking a huge hit in its second weekend, grossing a mere $8million, which puts its total at $102million at the world wide Box Office. For a movie that was made for $120million, this is not very good, especially since a sequel has been planned.

Marvel’s Ant-Man continued its impressive run, adding $5.5million in the United States, which brings its total to $347million, which is not too bad for a “grade B” superhero movie.


Source: Comingsoon