Watch: White People, A Documentary That Explores What It Means To Be White


    White People documentary posterI know race and the issues that come with it are not really a thing in this part of the world, but these things have always fascinated me, hence my enthusiasm to see the new MTV documentary titled, White People.

    Directed by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and filmmaker Jose Antonio Vargas, White People is a documentary that explores race, whiteness, and how young white people perceive their racial identity in an increasingly multiracial America.

    The documentary followed Vargas across the country as he uncovers the stories of five young white people from varying backgrounds, as well as many more young people who participated in conversations at their local schools and community centers about race.

    According to Vargas, “Race is a sensitive subject no matter who you are and our goal with the documentary is to treat each person, story and community featured in the documentary with the utmost respect, all while exploring what race means to them.”

    The documentary premiered yesterday on MTV, and has since been made available online. As expected, it’s generated a lot of discussion/controversy.

    Watch the documentary below and please remember to share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


    Source: Shadow and Act