Watch The Trailer For Upcoming Teen TV Series, Myseducation


Myseducation posterIt’s always a relief to see something new on TV. A lot of the shows coming out these days tend to repeat the same story. It’s always good to see show creators coming out with something different.

Different is exactly the word to describe a new series by American, Yakira Chambers, titled, Myseducation. If it becomes a regular series, the show will be the only one on TV right now with a female teen lead.

Described as an effort to bring to light and possibly bring about positive change to some of the problems facing black teenagers in High School, the show tells the story of two teenage black girls and the struggle they face while getting their education.

It focuses on Tomi an overachieving, intelligent, college prep high school student struggling to fit and achieve in what she calls the alien environment of a “grandfather clause, members only” society; and Kayla, a bright and determined freshman high school student struggling with her everyday surroundings and her academic pursuit.

The show which is independently produced, is written, created and Executively produced by Yakira Chambers, with Jason Calabro serving as co-executive producer.

Myseducation stars, Ashalyn Garner, Courtney Howe, Maryam Myika Day, Philip Prendergast, Chaize Macklin and Kenesha Hemmings.

The pilot is available, but Chambers hopes to make it a regular series soon.

Check out the trailer below.


Source: Shadow and Act