Watch The Trailer For Upcoming Series, Gidi Culture


Gidi Culture posterThere’s a new series in town, and it’s called Gidi Culture.

Created by Tunji Anjorin, Gidi Culture is a new original series chronicles the lives of young people living in the ‘Big city’ of Lagos. Through their eyes, we get to see what it’s like to be stinking rich, extremely poor and everything in between. These youths interact in their daily lives—at work, prowling the clubs, during dramatic, key events and through more personal and cultural issues they encounters.

Also directed by Tunji Anjorin, the series stars Seun Ajayi, Tayo David, Seun Kentebe, Beddie Member, Meg Otanwa and Toni Tones.

I’m eternally curious as to why this series is not going to any TV or Cable station, but the politics and economics involved in getting a show on TV is not something I know a lot about. That said, this looks like a series I would love to see, and would probably cop the DVD when it comes out.

The show will be available in Nigeria on DVD and on VoD (Video on Demand) worldwide on October 25, 2015.

You can watch the trailer below.


Image source: Bellanaija