Watch the Trailer For The New CBS Show, Supergirl


SupergirlLike the trailer put it; it’s not a bird. it’s not a plane. It’s not a man,. It’s supergirl!

CBS has released the trailer for its upcoming TV series, Supergirl, and it looks like something to look forward to.

The show stars Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor-El (aka Supergirl) who escapes destruction on her home planet of Krypton, and grows up as a normal girl on Earth. In her mid-twenties and tired of not living up to her potential, she decides to reveal her true self to the rest of the world.

It’s very much like the Superman story (or Smallville), but one major point of departure is that while the Man of Steel’s identity is secret for a long time, “the girl of steel’s” identity is known almost as soon the show begins.

The show also stars Calista Flockhart, Mechad Brooks, Chyler Leigh and David Harewood, who plays Department of Extra-Normal Operations (DEO) boss Hank Henshaw.

My fear for this show is whether the writers can keep a fresh twist to the series after the first two seasons. CBS is known for one or two good series, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they can keep the show running for as long as CW did with Smallville (it lasted 10 seasons).

Watch the trailer below.