Watch The Trailer For Nollywood’s One Cast Movie, Aba Ikilo

Tayo Sobola in Aba Ikilo
Tayo Sobola on set of Aba Ikilo

Last week, HBO released its made for TV movie, Nightingale, featuring Selma star, David Oyelowo. From the reviews I’ve read, it was a brilliant film, and Oyelowo delivered one of his greatest performances. This can be attested to by the fact that barely a week after its release, the actor won an award for his performance at yesterday’s Critics’ Choice Television Award in California.

The beauty of the film and Oyelowo’s performance mostly stems from the fact that it is a one cast movie. For the 80 minutes or so that it ran, Mr. Oyelowo was saddled with the enormous task of keeping the audience entertained all on his own. Like most one cast films, Nightingale relied mostly on the Director’s skill set and an impeccable performance from the actor. Two/three cast movies are also quite difficult to pull off, but unlike these, one man shows have little or no dialogue to keep the audience entertained, so when someone successfully pulls off this kind of movie, they deserve a lot of praise.

Whether or not someone from Nollywood deserves this praise will soon be determined, as the trailer for a one-cast movie, Aba Ikilo has been released. For such a tasking project, I was surprised to see a Tayo Sobola as the movie’s cast. Not that I have anything against her, in fact, I’ve barely seen any of her movies, I just felt someone with a lot more experience should be handling the role. On the other hand, if she can successfully pull this one off, it might just be exactly what she needs to give her career a major boost.

Aba Ikilo tells the story of a young girl who wakes up to a desolate village and then embarks on a journey to find her lost friends and family.

Shot in Oyo state, Nigeria, the movie was produced primarily in Yoruba language and was directed by Muhydeen S. Ayinde.

Being a one cast film, Aba Ikilo relies heavily on three things; the acting, directing and special effects. While it’s hard to judge the acting and directing from just the trailer, it does seem like they have the special effects locked down, which translates to a 1/3 so far. How well the movie will do in the other two areas remains to be seen when the movie is released.

Watch the trailer below.