Watch The Trailer For Mrs. And Mrs. Johnson Starring Kiki Omeili


Mrs. And Mrs. Johnson posterDerwin Productions and African Diaspora Nation have released the trailer for their upcoming film, Mrs. And Mrs. Johnson.

Directed by Alexander Hul, Mrs. And Mrs. Johnson an urban drama with slight comic hues, which journeys through the rude awakening that shakes the world of two women both named Mrs. Johnson, under a very unusual circumstance.

Produced by Grace Edwin-Okon, the film stars Kiki Omeili, Beverly Osu, Kunle Oluwaremi, Lord Frank, Tunbosun Aiyedehin , Layole Oyatogun and Mariam Lecky.

It’s a good trailer and I especially loved the part where those two nurses tumbled into the office while eavesdropping on the argument between both Mrs. Johnsons. The movie looks like something to watch out for, and hopefully, the producers do a lot more marketing before the film is released.

Watch the trailer below.