Watch: The Trailer For Frank Rajah Arase's Star Studded New TV Series, Delilah


DelilahRAJ and Heroes Films has released the trailer for their upcoming series, Delilah. You can watch it in the embedded player below.

Directed by Frank Rajah Arase, Delilah follows the story of Delilah Ambrose (Okawa Shaznay) whose world becomes an open book the moment her husband dies. Stories of past men, stolen wills, mysterious disappearances, and death are sensationalized in the biggest court case in the city. With her Attorney Jason Attah at her side, Delilah fights to preserve what’s left of her mysterious identity and clear her name.

Will she be able to prove to all that she is nothing more than a misunderstood sophisticated Woman? Or is she hiding a secret life that threatens all who fall prey to her? I guess we’ll find out when the series premieres later this year.

The series stars Clarion Chukwurah, Okawa Shaznay, Tony Umez, Michael Okon, Paul Obazele, Chamberlyne Okoro, Emem Iniobong and Ini Ikpe.

The trailer did not reveal much, but it revealed enough for me to expect some not too good acting and a predictable story arc. That said, it’s a Frank Rajah Arase series, so we just might be in for surprise when the series hits our screens.

You can watch the trailer below.