Watch The Teaser For The New Season of Hannibal


Hannibal posterBefore we go any further, let me just say this; Hannibal is probably the greatest show on TV right now.

Back to the matter; a new teaser trailer for the upcoming third season of NBC’s Hannibal has been released, and it shows us the importance of Gillian Anderson’s character (Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier) to the upcoming season.

Titled Bride of Hannibal, the teaser shows the relationship between Hannibal and his former psychiatrist, Dr. Maurier.

The show is billed to return on the 4th of June.

Watch the teaser below.


  1. Bloody hiliarious, the one that does it for me is when a girl is abt 2 get raped or hit and then she goes ‘r u serious?’ Nollywood, wt are we without dem

  2. Really funny. The funniest part to me by far was the whole “Dying in cold blood”, real hilarious. Can’t wait for the part two but then again I’ll just have to be patient cuz i know i don’t have a choice than to wait. Good job guys.

  3. I was goin to say u guys should keep it low on criticism cus u never knw who might see it untill I got to the end n saw that disgusting poster,WTF is that desperate house girls?!?! Mtcheeeeeeeew. Even copy copy hard for them to achieve,idiots!

  4. “The poison is Patient’s saliva, Everybody know this” loooooool now that is sick lmao…… Good one guys. Let’s help bring down this colossal mediocre giant called nollywood

    • Bring down ke? Nooo oo. Long live Nollywood oh.It is ours to protect. We just did this for laughs and to make them sight their mistakes,

  5. Desperate housegirls o…
    #laffs, collapses, awakes, still laughing in tears#
    una no go kill me o…
    Chei! Patience’s saliva’s the poison… Choi…
    Well, the only advice i have for Nollywood is this:
    stick to comedies! Or better still parodies! LoL! Cant wait for part2