Watch The Hilarious Trailer For Okiki Afolayan’s Trust


So embedded above is the trailer for a new Nollywood movie directed by Okiki Afolayan, titled Trust, and it is hilarious.

Now, there are two things about the trailer; one is that the quality is quite poor, especially in 2015 and I hope the film doesn’t come out the same way. The second thing is that it is set primarily in Yoruba language, so non-Yoruba speaking persons might not understand. Apart from these, it’s a hilarious watch.

Trust follows the story of two couples who have trust issues within them and the result of their interacttions is the hilarious movie, Trust.

Directed by Okiki Afolayan, the film stars  Iyabo Ojo, Kunle Afod, Mide Martins, Liz Da Silva, Sikiratu Sindodo and Mustapha Solagbade.

This is not likely to be an Oscar-winning film, but from the trailer, it looks like it will make you laugh your butts off. Watch the trailer below.


Source: TNS