Watch The Amazing Trailer For Point Break If Your Pulse Can Take It


Point break posterSo there’s this trailer everyone’s been talking about. It’s the trailer for the remake of the 1991 movie, Point Break featuring Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. Just from the poster above, you have an idea what kind of movie we are talking about.

In all honesty, it’s been a while since I saw anything as sick as some of the stunts in this trailer. It features some very mind blowing stunts, and I’m not talking Furious 7 kinda stunts (you know how those ones break the laws of physics without regard). These are totally believable stunts that you just might want to try out after seeing them (although I highly recommend you don’t).

Point Break is the story of an FBI, Johnny Utah, who infiltrates a cunning team of thrill-seeking elite athletes who are the major suspects in a spate of crimes carried out in extremely unusual ways.

The film features mountain climbing, sky diving, dirt road biking, surfing and virtually any other extreme sports you can think of. Renowned extreme athletes who performed stunts in the film include surfers Laird Hamilton, Sebastian Zietz, Makua Rothman, Ian Walsh, Laurie Towner, Smith and Tuhiti Humani; snowboarders, Xavier De Le Rue, Louis Vito, Christian Haller, Lucas DeBari and Ralph Backstrom; skateboarders Bob Burnquist and Eric Koston; motorcyclists Riley Harper and Oakley Lehman; wingsuit stunt pilots Jon Devore, Julian Boulle, Noah Bahnson, Jhonathan Florez and Mike Swanson, and consultant Jeb Corliss; and free climber Chris Sharma, among others.

The film was directed by Ericson Core, and stars Edgar Ramirez, Luke Bracey, Ray Winstone, Teresa Palmer and Delroy Lindo.

The movie hits theaters on Christmas day, 2015.

After watching this trailer, you’ll probably have said, “Wow!” as many times as I did. Watch it below.