Watch Stella Damascus And Joseph Benjamin In The Trailer For, Affairs of the Heart


Affairs of the heart stillThe trailer for Affairs of the Heart, an upcoming Nollywood film featuring Stella Damascus and Joseph Benjamin has been released.

Directed by Robert Peters, the movie tells the story of a medical doctor (Stella Damascus) who is in a relationship with a man (Joseph Benjamin) who obviously is not in love with her and extorts her for all the money and love she’s got.

In truth, this story sounds like it is going to be another of those movies we’ve seen over and over again. A woman loves a man, but the man loves another. I know recycling stories is not the exclusive preserve of Nollywood, but I’m of the opinion that there’s a huge reserve of untapped stories, and we shouldn’t be at the recycling stage yet.

That said, it’s just the trailer, and a lot of surprises could be sprung on us when the full movie hits theaters. However, when this is, we are not quite sure yet.

Peep the trailer below.