Watch: Kate Mara Is David Oyelowo’s Hostage In The First Trailer For Captive


captive posterParamount has released the trailer for Captive, an inspiring film based true 2005 events and a non-fiction book, An Unlikely Angel by Ashley Smith.

Directed by Jerry Jameson, the film tells the story of how a man named Brian Nichols, who escaped from a courthouse jail and killed the judge assigned to his case, as well as the court reporter, sherriff’s deputy and an FBI officer. He then led federal and local police on a statewide manhunt, during which he took a single mother with a drug addiction, hostage in her own apartment, where she would eventually use the wisdom from a book in her possession (Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life”) to reason with Nichols.

The film stars David Oyelowo as Brian Nichols, Kate Mara as the hostage as well as Michael K Williams, Mimi Rogers, Jessica Oyelowo and Leonor Varela.

I read somewhere that this film only acts to reinforce “the fear that helps to reaffirm America’s racist structure” and I’m inclined to agree. Yes it is a true story, but there are lots and lots of stories out there of black men doing heoric things, but no movie has been made about them. It is sad, but like they say, history is written by the victors, or in this case, the oppressors.

Captive hits cinemas on September 18.

Watch the trailer below.