Watch David Oyelowo Act Solo in New HBO Film, Nightingale


david oyelowo in nightingaleTomorrow, 29th May, is the set date of release for HBO’s indie drama, Nightingale, featuring Selma actor, David Oyelowo. A one man show, Oyelowo carries the film solely on his own and from the snippets I’ve seen, delivers a stunning performance that just might earn him a Primetime Emmy nod.

Nightingale is the story of Peter Snowden, a man obsessed with an old army friend, whom he loves. Nightingale follows Peter as he records his private thoughts and feelings – his nightingale song – in the days leading up to his reunion with Edward. Before long, the hostile world outside Peter’s door begins to threaten the idyllic future that he’s so desperately trying to build.

The film was directed by Elliot Lester and written by Katrina Wolfe and Josh Weinstock.

Like I said earlier, his performance in this film is very likely to earn Mr. Oyelowo a Emmy nomination, due partly to him being able to carry the weight of an entire film on his own. It’s not easy for one character to keep the audience entertained all by himself and if the repertoire of HBO shows is anything to go by, this one too is going to be a big hit (at least with the critics).

Watch Snippets of the film below and judge for yourselves.