Warner Bros. Reveals Release Date For Next Christopher Nolan Film


christophernolanWarner Bros. has revealed that Christopher Nolan’s next film will be released on July 21, 2017.

Reports have it that the Interstellar director wants to keep everything else about the movie close to his chest, hence we know very little to nothing about the film. One thing we know however is that Warner Bros’ choice of release date will mean the film will have to go head to head with Pitch Perfect 3 as well as an unknown Fox animated film.

Also, the film will have to contest with the next installment in the Planets of the Ape franchise, as well as the untitled Marvel and Sony Spiderman movie, which hit cinemas a week before and after respectively.

The studio would probably have been skeptical to place any other movie in this already highly contested time slot, but Christopher Nolan is no lightweight when it comes to box office numbers, so we can infer that the studio is very confident of what it has.

Speaking of Christopher Nolan, his resume is quite impressive, with his latest work, Interstellar, having gone on to gross $675 million dollars at the box office last year. He was also responsible for bringing back the already dead Batman franchise with his Dark Knight trilogy, which went on to gross an impressive $2.4billion in the process.

We love our Christopher Nolan , so we’ll sure be keeping our ears to the ground for when more news breaks on this mysterious movie.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter