[Video] Lee Daniels Says His Cure For Writer’s Block is Masturbation


The Hollywood Reporter TV creators roundtableI felt really tempted to write a scandalous headline, but then I remembered this is Sodas & Popcorn, so I refrained.

The Hollywood Reporter recently had a TV drama creators round table photo-shoot. The photo-shoot was a run-up to a round table session where the showrunners spoke about some of Hollywood’s touchiest subjects and the challenges of being a showrunner.

The round-table panel included, Empire creator, Lee Daniels, Damon Lindelof (The Leftovers), Alex Gansa (Homeland), Michelle King (The Good Wife) and Sarah Treem (The Affair). THR used the opportunity to ask them some interesting questions.

Some of the questions were: “What advise do they wish they had gotten when they started out”; “What TV character would they take if they were allowed to pick any to join their show.”

By far the most interesting question was what their cure for writer’s block was. One or two said they had never experienced writers’ block, but the more interesting reply came from Lee Daniels. In very plain language, the screen writer said masturbation helps him get over writer’s block.

We can’t exactly tell if he was joking, but just in case he wasn’t we would need him to do more of it, so Empire can continue being the good show it already is.

Watch the video below.