[V.S Series] Captain America: Winter Soldier V.S Marvel's The Avengers


M.Y: Sodas & Popcorn Productions presents…

Terdoh: M.Y, please not one of your lousy jokes today. Let’s just get straight to the point with this. I got to be on a flight in an hour.

M.Y: Sigh. Buzz Kill. Anyways. We have a little story to tell. Please don’t sleep off on us. So it’s the weekend of the worldwide release of Captain America: Winter Soldier

Terdoh: But luckily for us in Nigeria, we got to see it first before US.

M.Y: Something very rare that never happens. Let’s give it up for our Cinemas.


The Script


Terdoh: Okay, so we have seen Captain America and it was awesome. No one expected the follow up to Captain America: The First Avenger  to dwarf the prequel so much.

M.Y: Its Beyond awesome bro. It blew my mind. So we thought, what other Marvel Studios movie could beat the second solo outing of the excessively patriotic super hero.

Terdoh: Ironman came up, but…Naaah. It isn’t that good.

M.Y: The only movie that came to my mind was MARVEL’S THE AVENGERS (Avengers theme music playing in the background)

Terdoh: Nope. That’s Blasphemy! No other Marvel movie beats The Avengers.

M.Y: And So, why is that?

Terdoh: Well for starters, He wears the American stars and stripes as his costume, carries a dorky shield around as his weapon, and most of all, by all accounts, he is a 90 year old virgin.

M.Y: LMAO! That probably explains why he is the world’s best Soldier. You know sex can be very distracting.

Terdoh: Lol. But seriously, Avengers was a specially crafted Super Hero movie that not only featured a super star team up of the world’s best super heroes, but also had a villain even better and more fun than the heroes. That’s rare. Good villains don’t come easy this days you know.

M.Y: Well, you just pretty much shot yourself in the foot. Winter Soldier was a super hero team up also. There was Captain America, Black Widow, Nick Fury and of course the latest addition to the family Falcon. And speaking of Villains, what more did you want from The Winter Soldier? He had the moves, the strength, the agility and most of all the swag. Something Loki equally has.

Terdoh: So you are saying if The Winter Soldier is put up against Loki, W.S will come out on top?

M.Y: Well, that’s not what I am saying,

Terdoh: Case Closed! I said it before and I am saying it again, No other Marvel movie beats The Avengers.

M.Y: Lol. Well, Captain America to me had a better crafted story. Avengers was all about the explosions and destroying the poor city of new York. It was all action. But Cap on the other hand is more serious. I wont drop spoilers, but lets just say S.H.I.E.L.D is in deep shit at the moment and the only people that were around to save the day were cap America and his friends. Where was the green guy and the iron guy and the thunder guy when they were needed?

Terdoh: Hey don’t ask me, I didn’t write the script. Ask Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely and Ed Brubaker


The Directing


M.Y: Who thought two directors best known for a simple sitcom such as Community, could give us this sort of awesomeness?

Terdoh: I must confess, they were really stunning. I had my doubts in Anthony Russo and Joe Russo, But they did blow me away. But never the less, Joss Whedon is still the man to beat.

M.Y: And why is that?

Terdoh: Well, the dude’s resume when it comes to action movies and super hero movies puts him toe to toe with Xmen’s Bryan Singer.

M.Y: Don’t let’s go there. That’s a debate for another day. But you are right. Joss is impressive, but the Russo’ first outing is so impressive, we are having this debate. Winter Soldier had everything. There was car chases, hand to hand combat, aerial fights and awesome gun fights. And the most amazing thing about this movie is the less use of CGI in many scenes. Many of the explosions were real. You see? They are fresh and true.


The Acting


Terdoh: I think we can both agree that the acting in Captain America and Avengers were really cool.

M.Y: But as Loki stood out as a villain, so did Sebastian as Winter Soldier. The best way to describe his awesomeness is when you actually see him for yourself. Oh there is a cameo from Community. A character we all love so much. Wink!


The Verdict


Terdoh: I think its quite obvious Avengers remains unbeaten.

M.Y: Well, lets leave that for the readers to decide. So if you have seen the movie, both movies, which do you think is better. Avengers or Captain America: Winter Soldier?

Post written by @Cumical  and @don_sylvestre