[V.S Series] Bourne V.S Bond


Zubby: Every generation has been blessed with a number of action movie franchises which just stand out from the crowd. Our generation has been fortunate to have two of those franchises. James Bond and Jason Bourne
M.Y: So today readers we have decided to bring head to head in the V.S series CIA’s number one Spy Jason Bourne and M16’s pride James Bond to see who the World’s Best Spy is.

Zubby: More like the American-British rivalry

M.Y: I personally think it is Bourne. Like the movie tagline says, they should have left him alone. Imagine the damage he does with a broken memory, what more when he is in his prime

Zubby: He’s not even close to James Bond. Not even in the slightest. James is the Perfect smooth criminal. He tortures you Physically and Psychologically (steals your girl/woman) all while looking neatly dressed in his tuxedo. Don’t deny you will love to know his tailor. Not like you can even afford him.

 M.Y: You just had to go there.

Zubby: I’m just saying…

M.Y:  Well I say he is just clumsy. Yeah he is great with the ladies and the tuxedos and all that, but everything he touches gets ruined. Even most of his ladies end up in the morgue. Anyways enough with the chit chat. Let’s get right to it.
M.Y: A little background on the agents. Jason Bourne is an ex black ops soldier turned CIA spy after volunteering for a secret program. He encounters a terrible turn around in his career when he goes on a mission, gets shot and falls into the ocean where he has amnesia, and so the Bourne journey and adventure begins

Zubby: James Bond codename 007 is Mi6 top agent. Born to Andrew and Monique de la Croix Bond. He’s a Commander in the Royal Navy reserve. He as a nack for beautiful women, top of the chain/never seen before gadgets and way to always make the bad guy pay.
M.Y: Let’s check out their skill set and let me convince you that Bourne beats bond any day any time




Zubby: Bond has this one in the bag. Bond has taken on the Asians, the soviets and even a former MI6 agent and has never lost. That says a lot about his tactics.

M.Y: Bond is and has always been a cow boy. His entrance alone already gives him away. His cars and the rest, I give him all that but he definitely gets distracted most times. Bourne on the other hand, while you are looking for him out there, he is already in your office breaking into your most secured safes WITHOUT the super pens. This happened in Bourne Ultimatum remember?

Zubby: Bond a cow boy you say. He’s anything but that. Bond has all these qualities and they enable him mix with the creame-de-la-creme of the society blending in perfectly without getting noticed. Plus when it time to sneak around or even get dirty in a fight Bond is sure to deliver.

M.Y: Not get noticed you say? Bond’s presence is a statement. I remember him drawing so much attention in Casino Royale he ended up being poisoned. Just remember, Bourne took out several of his C.I.A bosses with almost 100% accuracy and stealth and most of all without all the creame-de-la-creme famzing, so think about the damage he could do with the resources Bond has squandering around


Hand To Hand


M.Y: Ah Ah! Now do you want to argue your boy has this to his advantage?
Zubby: Lemme just say this, Bourne is a biologically enhanced operative, Bond is not.
M.Y: Oh now you can talk about someone being enhanced??? You didn’t see it that way when you were trying to defend Bond’s larger than life inventory. The way I see it, Bourne’s a better soldier than Bond, that’s all
Zubby: So not true. More like a better mercenary. Bond stays true to his orders. Not going rogue like Bourne
M.Y: A mercenary won’t hesitate before putting a bullet in the head of a man in the middle of 3 little kids. Bourne knows what true orders are. Not some puppet to an old woman (or her blessed memory)




Zubby: Smiling

M.Y: Hey, why the smile? Don’t think Bond is in anyway better when it comes down to a Gun battle

Zubby: Let me just say he uses a walther pkk pistol and still causes so much damage. Because he’s all about a neat kill. Imagine what he’ll do with an fully automatic rifle

M.Y: I have seen Bond handle so many guns A shotgun in Skyfall, a p99, his trademark pkk, a machine gun in Die another day and you know what? He always leaves a lot of mess behind that gets traced back to the agency. But the most mess I have seen Bourne make is disrupt traffic. You won’t even know who the person is. I haven’t seen James Bond use a man as a cushion while free falling and aim at a target running up a stairs and hit the bull’s eye. I mean, right in the middle of the man’s head. Not to talk about his precision with a Rifle…Now that’s how to handle a gun.

Zubby: Uhm…uhm…

M.Y: Your witness, defendant.




M.Y: *run* *run* *run*
Zubby: Better run
M.Y: Lmao. I am definitely gonna run, but before I do, let’s see how Bourne gets his job done for a moment. A man with no memory takes on the C.I.A with the internet search engine, Walkie talkies and first generation mobile phones as his weapons not of choice, but by improvising. He gets to drive a taxi, a beat up mini coupe and a motor cycle and still manages to be ahead of all his adversaries like lance on dope. Believe me, Bourne needs no exploding pens or mint gum. He is awesome the way he is.

Zubby: Sincere apologies to readers who may not know the meaning of the next couple of words I will be spitting…

M.Y: Bars…

Zubby:  I just have to do this. Aston Martin DB5 with machine guns and grenade launchers, V8 Vantage, V12 Vanquish , An invisible Aston Martin, A surfing board with its own satellite transmitting facilities. An Aston Martin with a complete set of medical kit with defibrillator pads, BMW’s  a Autogyro, Pens with C4…

M.Y: Oh shattap! We get the point. But what happens in the end to all this gadgets, he wrecks them all.

Zubby: My point is, Bond has far more advanced technology than Bourne can dream of.

M.Y: And my point is, if Bourne had access to that technology, even Bond would have to submit to his incredible awesomeness.

Terdoh: Ladies, you’re both pretty. Can we at least hear what the people think?

Zubby: Guys, who’s a better secret agent? James Bond or Jason Bourne?

M.Y: JB or JB…

Terdoh: My money’s on Justin Bieber.