[Updated] Oh My Goodness! The Leaked Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Is Sick!


Batman vs Superman: Dawn of JusticeEarlier today, the trailer for DC comics’ Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice leaked, and it has had the internet abuzz.

Although the video has been taken off popular sites like YouTube and others, you can still find the video if you know where to look.

After watching the trailer, I can only say, “bring it on”. The movie teases what made us fall in love with the Dark Knight trilogy. That dark brooding mood full of action and suspense. It’s not like the light-hearted Marvel movies (which isn’t to say they are not good).

The movie is billed for a May 2016 release.

Let me just leave you to watch the trailer and judge for yourselves (hopefully, it’s still up when you read this). If you can’t view the video below, you can watch the trailer here