‘Two and a Half Men’ to Replace Angus T. Jones with Miley Cyrus For Season 11?

"They Defrosted Mom's Head" -- Rose (Melanie Lynskey, left) watches a scary movie with Jake (Angus T. Jones, right) on TWO AND A HALF MEN, Mondays (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Greg Gayne/Warner Bros ©2006 Warner Bros. Television. All Rights Reserved.


CBS is looking to replace everyone’s favorite ‘Half Man’ in Emmy winning TV sitcom ‘Two and a Half Men” – Angus T. Jones with Miley Cyrus for season 11 of the show. Sources close to the show have said that the producers are currently in talks to replace Angus T. Jones next season, calling Cyrus, who appeared in two episodes this year, “the perfect person.” As the episodes she appeared on brought in the highest ratings of the season.
Now before all the “Two and a Half Men” fans begin to riot about replacing Angus. T Jones, it should be noted that Jones (in)famously called the show “filth” that contradicts his moral values and said that he was sick of being a part of it. He also begged fans to stop watching the show. In fact, he actually needed to be coaxed into returning to the series for season 10, which is when he originally wanted to leave.
Cyrus – who played Missi, a family friend of Walden Schmidt (Asthon Kutcher) received rave making reviews for her performance on the show, she’s a no-brainer replacement for the game of “swap the actor” that the series has been playing recently. But is there a point when the Two and a Half Men should just end?What do you think about Cyrus being on the show?…..that takes out the ‘half man’ now doesn’t it!

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