Top 11 Romantic Movie Moments of Sodas And Popcorn


Kiki: No matter how much of a tomboy I could be, I’m still a feminine at heart…and a hopeless romantic *sigh* You just can’t cheat nature.
I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who seems to have a soft spot for love, roses and couples whispering sweet-nothings into each other’s ears. Yeah, I’m talking to you dudes…males…the hunks. Don’t hide it dearies, it certainly doesn’t make you less masculine and I’ve got M.Y here with me to prove that.

M.Y: *Clears throat* and puts on *Barry White’s voice*. I see all the lovers in here today joining Dr Love (yeah that’s right. Don’t go what!? on me like you didn’t hear me the first time). So pick up your pens and jotters for some lessons you will be trying out after reading this against tomorrow. Wink

Kiki: You’ve probably already got butterflies fluttering in your belly. So without further ado, let’s get down to what we’ve got for you. (That rhymed didn’t it? Yes, I’m poetic like that *batting eyelashes* Hehe)
M.Y: What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than to bring to you Top 11 Romantic Movie Moments of Sodas And Popcorn in no particular order. You can ‘aww’ and ‘ooh’ or even shed a tear if you want to…and am not just referring to the female specie, the hunks! too.

Lesson 1.
THE NOTEBOOK– Old Allie who’s been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease finally remembers the life she had with the love of her life and her husband, old Noah and they both fall asleep but die in each other’s arms in Allie’s bed the next morning.

allie and noah
*sigh* Talk about ‘Together forever till death do us part’. One of the most memorable romantic movies ever.
If that someone is meant for you, don’t you ever give up. Memories are best treasured…that’s why they can’t get out of your head. Keep them to remind yourself that you can build much more of them together no matter the ups and downs. It’s the greatest love that goes through storms.
If you’re a sucker for undying love and romance and you haven’t seen The Notebook, this one’s definitely for you.

Lesson 2
THE SOUND OF MUSIC– Georg Von Trapp calls off his engagement to the Baroness and declares his love for Maria in his gazebo after which they sing ‘Something Good’, share a kiss and then he pecks her on the forehead.

captain von trappSuch untainted love!

Dudes, take note: one thing that always melts a woman’s heart is not just any kiss, but a kiss on the forehead…a gesture that shows not just your love for her but a desire to protect her. So go on and take a cue from Captain Von Trapp…he may be a man of the 1960’s but he sure knows how to pull a woman’s heart strings. The tiniest little things can go the longest distances.

Lesson 3
THE LION KING – Simba and Nala all grown up noozling in the jungle while Timon sings Elton John’s ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’ in the background.

If you thought love couldn’t be depicted in animated scripts as good as it is in movies then you thought wrong. Walt Disney has a way of making love stories look so real. This amongst many gets part of my highest votes.
Here’s a point to take down on display of affection. A touch, a cuddle, just a simple act of physical bonding can build a relationship. It’s not just about the words you exchange between one another, it’s about the air of silence you share when you’re in each others arms. Deep stuff.
Guess we can learn a thing or two about romance from the King and Queen of Pride Rock.

Lesson 4
SPIDERMAN Part 1– Peter Parker who is Spiderman and Mary Jane share an upside down kiss in the rain

620768-spider-manOne word…Bliss *deep sigh*

Don’t let your love life be so predictable…and boring if I may add. Do something breathtaking…something beyond imagination with that special someone.
Abeg o! I didn’t say the ladies should jump from a mountain top to be caught in his arms in the valley and the dudes have to get their legs tied to a ceiling fan to pull off the spidey stunt, biko.
Simply put, be creative.
A kiss…upside down…in the rain…it couldn’t get any better than this. That, right there is one romantic moment with a huge difference.

*sigh* Need I say more?

Lesson 5  

TITANIC- Jack earns Rose’s trust when he hugs her on the prow.


By Jack’s action of taking Rose to a very risky position on the ship and convincing her he wasn’t going to let go, I can pick three lessons from this moment.

1. This has been shared already in lesson 4 which is to be creative and fresh all the time

2. Earn your partner’s trust and take some risk and no one, absolutely no one can come between the two of you.

3. Gifts. Priceless gifts. It could be a BB-Z10, or a simple act like this one Jack did. But NOTE: Be smart when giving. Yeah we  know there should be sacrifices, but then I say again, be smart when giving. If he or she has proven to be worth it, the gifts are worth it totally.

And as for you at the receiving end, don’t be stupid about what you collect. Don’t sell yourself out. Be smart guys.

Lesson 6(a)
LOVE ACTUALLY– Mark takes a moment to truly confess his unrequited love for Juliet silently using Dylan-esque word cards outside her apartment door. Juliet acknowledges by giving him a kiss and after this, Mark decides to set aside his infatuation and move on. (Are we sure he did move on, or they didn’t start something….well, we can only guess.)

Love Actually
*sniff* Sadly romantic. Hurts when you can’t be with the one you love *blows nose with a hanky*
Okay, let me snap out of it. Love Actually is one British romantic movie I couldn’t help but watch over 3 times. This was one of the many scenes that made it worth it.
If you care about, like or even love someone and you don’t know how to show/say it, sorry to say but you’re dulling. Brace up and be a man! Yes, a MAN cause face it, y’all are the ones to do the chasing *sticking tongue out*
Don’t keep it all bottled in. Even if the result doesn’t spring forth the way you hoped, at least you let it out…that alone is a relief to your emotional being and you can give a deep sigh afterwards. *in John Mayer’s voice* ‘It’s better to say too much than never to say what you need to say’
Ladies, don’t give the dudes a hard time too. If you like him as much as he likes you, put him out of his misery and give him a sign. It wouldn’t hurt to give it a try. Err, did we tell you Juliet was married to Mark’s best friend? Oopps!!

Kiki: Err, you know what guys, why not go and try that for now and see how the lessons go for you.

M.Y: Its not like we are stopping this post because it is getting long…*holds laughter*…

Kiki: But please join us same time tomorrow as we give you the concluding Lessons and moments of this epic list. Happy Valentine’s eve people.