Top 10 Super Hero Movies Ever Made (Part 2)


…we started a list of The Top 10 Super Hero Movies Ever Made yesterday, here is the concluding part of the list. Enjoy. Please drop your comments. Thanks.



Man of Steel


man of steel2

Finally, after decades, Superman finally learns how to wear his pants the right way. Hallelujah. Many would argue about this movie being up here and it is understandable, based on what went down in Metropolis, but then what do you expect when gods fight and when some of these gods are bent on reshaping a planet to their taste? Of course casualties beyond imagination. That said, lets get back on track. Man Of Steel makes Zack Snyder’s second appearance on this list. The movie tells the story of Clark Kent’s struggles as we have never seen before. I have got to give credit to Superman (1978) which gave a very solid superman movie, but Man Of Steel did greater things. Goyer, Nolan and Snyder conspired to completely redefine Superman. Not only did they give him a new look, a new suit, and the right body builds(OMG, that body…#NoHomo), they gave us a Krypton we have never seen before. It completely depicted the greatness of that race. Then the fight scenes, especially Superman, Ursa and the big dude, that was totally unexpected. My biggest fear while waiting for the movie was “how will superman fights look cool?” Well, after seeing Man of Steel, my worries were totally laid to rest. -M.Y






Yeah I know, this should be Ironman 3 right? Sigh. Ironman 3 is cool. It showed that Ironman/Tony Stark didn’t always need to be in his suit to totally kick ass. But then, something happened which was the horrible joke and stunt pulled on The Mandarin whom I remember very much from my childhood and Saturday mornings as being the ultimate villain. I am sorry, I guess this is turning into a ‘grumpy grumble’ about Ironman 3 rather than the movie this is intended for. So back to the matter…Iron Man(1)….Huge credits have to be given to RDJ for his brilliant portrayal of the Genius, Billionaire, Playboy and Philanthropist. When it was announced that Jon Favreau was going to be directing the big screen adaptation of Iroman, critics had their blogs and pens waiting to back lash the movie. Movie goers were more curious about the choice of a washed up 40-plus actor as Tony Stark. But then in that fateful week of may, did we all have our jaws in our hands or what. Favreau stayed faithful to the source material and took a serious risk in casting Robert Downey Jr. A move which revived Downey’s career and launched the Marvel universe onto the big screen. “Iron Man” may be the best origin story superhero movie, and definitely one of the finest comic book films to date. -M.Y



The Incredibles



Not too long ago, in a time not so far away, there once was a film studio called Pixar Animations which simply delivered the very best animated movies. One of the most memorable in their series of movies is The Incredibles. A movie about a super hero family, The Parrs who have to keep a low profile in  a time when super heroes are under the watchful eyes of the Superhero Protection Program and at the same time fight off a jilted former fan of Mr Incredible. The Incredibles is a great mix of top-notch storytelling, amazing animation and incredible humor and action. With 2 oscar wins, 41 other awards, 37 nominations and a rating of 97% on RT,  you have got to agree to the awesomeness of The Incredibles. -M.Y



 The  Avengers



Sigh. Hellooo???? Its Marvel’s The Avengers. Without any doubt the very best super hero movie ever made, even the box office agrees with this. A movie which had 4 prequels made to make it the most anticipated superhero movie. When a team of Marvel’s best superheroes(Iron-Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America etc.) team up to protect man’s world from being invaded and subjugated by Aliens led by the evil Norse mythology god Loki, then you should expect nothing but sheer awesomeness. The story was simple. Planetary invasion, Bad guys need smashing, and some smashing they did get. That’s it end of story. We weren’t looking to have some inceptionary experience. What really makes The Avengers an awesome movie apart from the obvious fact that it puts all the Marvelous heroes we’ve come to love over the years is its awesome dialogue and one liners and how each character complimented the other. – Zubby



The Dark Knight



The Dark Knight is arguably the best superhero movie ever made, although a particular school of thought up above me will argue that Avengers is the best, but then Of course this is subject to opinion. But then your opinions are all invalid as far as I’m concerned. I’m sorry, truly sorry. Everyone comes in to watch Batman but ends up in awe of the character of the Joker. You may not like him, but you will respect his genius. The Dark Knight showed Batman as human, and not the superhero god we have made him out to be. The movie brought out his strengths as well as his weaknesses, and is widely acknowledged as the greatest Batman movie ever made (even in the Batman Trilogy). If for some reason I really don’t understand, you haven’t seen it, you should. Nolan really outdid himself, and so did Heath Ledger, a performance which earned him a posthumous Oscar award. Rest in Peace. –Terdoh


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