Top 10 Nollywood Actresses of the 21st Century ( Part 2)


Kiki: Aaaand we are back this awesome Thursday to bring you what you’ve been waiting for.

SiSi: Yeup! Here is the top half of the Top 10 Nollywood Actresses people. Enjoy!

Kiki: Let’s see if your guesses cut the mark *wink*

Sisi: Yes oooo! I mean some people even started pinging me to beg for who the best actress is.

Kiki: And did you spill it?

Sisi: Haba, like you don’t know your friend. I told them to wait for it, and Ladies and gentlemen, the wait is over.



*dodges slap* Haba na! Calm down. I know a lot of you loathe her but just give me a chance to give a quick definition of a good actress by saying who a good actress is not.

A good actress is not always decent, or should I use the word safe in her roles. This is not to say that a good actress has to be indecent, but a good actress is one who is given ANY role and interpretes it like she lives the life she acts. Mercy Johnson is that actress.With her first major appearance in the ‘Corporate Maid’ (Caution: Not For Persons Below 18) she has climbed the ladder to stardom faster than some others. Give her the house girl role, the gangstar, the christian sister, the prostitute, the heartbroken, just name it and she’ll give you exactly what you want. Hate her or love her, we are here to talk talent and Mercy’s got it!



If there’s anyone that should be on this list it’s certainly Genevieve…the “Nollywood Pride” as y’all love to call her. Genevieve is GOOD! I can’t begin to call out the movies she has aced! She is that name that comes with class and quality. You hear Genevieve is in a movie and you just know the movie has to be top-notch. ‘Tango With Me’ was where I fell in love with her. She gave me every expression I expected to see at the very right time. She put everybody in the shoes of that ‘unfortunate lady’ and I’ll forever thank Mahmud Balogun for that exceptional casting. She finished ‘Tango With Me’ and left our jaws opened with ‘Ije’! I’d say she went out of her comfort zone and left me awed at such talent and naturality. Genevieve might be over hyped but let’s face it, she sure is worth it.



It’s Bimbo. She’s been there, done that and she’s still here and still doing more of that. Starring in the first ever Nollywood musical ‘Hoodrush’, the director, Dimeji Ajibola couldn’t have made a better choice.

Seeing her in the movie poster made me more expectant cause I knew what she could bring to the table. Though sceptical about the fact that it was a Nollywood musical, (emphasis on the Nollywood biko) I knew she would make a show. Of course she did, the ‘Alhaja Khadija’ aka AK1 herself.

Bimbo Akintola, just like ‘Fine Wine’…she gets better with age. What more can I say?



*smiles* She’s fantaaaaastic! *sips Fanta* Oh! My bad! *sips soda* Hehe!

Funke Akindele redefined Nollywood. She made it clear to us all that while others were thinking outside the box, she had no box. She is limitless. Popular for her Yoruba movies, Funke has shown that indigenous could be classy. Unlike others who make a name doing other people’s work, Funke got the blast from her own Movie ‘Jenifa’. Her intelligence is shown in her works and her acts. Mention 15 Yoruba movies with solid scriptings and I tell you Funke starred in 14 of them and probably directed the 15th one. Yuulz, she’s that good! Her recent work ‘Maami’ by Tunde Kelani was what nailed it for me! I watched that movie 3 times! She has defined acting, directing and producing with a Quality Seal. She is definitely a best amongst the best. She might be number 2 but there’s no other in the industry like Funke. Suliat Kan‘…Nollywood Kan.’



Phenomenal. Versatile. Outstanding. Urgh! I just can’t find that exact word that describes this ‘screen goddess’. Yes, it’s obvious. I’m  officially in love with Nse Ikpe Etim and I’m not ashamed to say it out loud. Bite me *sticking tongue out*

The thing about Nse is that I can’t seem to pick that particular flick she starred in that’s better than another. She’s just undeniably awesome in every single one of them. From her first big break in ‘The Game’ to ‘Mr and Mrs’ to ‘Phone Swap’, she keeps serving us talent on a platter of gold. Nse is just a joy to watch anytime and in any character. Seriously can’t wait for to hit the cinemas *rubbing palms together*

Trust me on this one; you can never go wrong with selecting a movie that features Nse Ikpe Etim…never. If ever you do, hunt me down. Yeup! She’s at the pinnacle of this pyramid and she deserves that throne.

Kiki: So, there you have it y’all, our Top 10 Nollywood Actresses of the 21st century. If you don’t agree, please feel free to throw roses at us, *hehe* or better still, comment with your own nominees.

That’s about it folks! Cash ya…Lerra!

SiSi: It was Nice being here on S&P hope to be here often. I mean who doesn’t want free popcorn…hehe.