Top 10 Nollywood Actresses of the 21st Century ( Part 1)


Kiki: All the ladies in the house say ‘Heeeey!’ *looking round* Oh, forgot..its just me. Drats! *rme*

XX: *Coughs*

Kiki: Hehe! Not today! ‘Cause I’ve got with me, a special guest, a beautiful young lady that’s got a way with words and the owner of the sanely entertaining blog No one other than *drum roll* Sisi! Come on out here with your pretty self.

Sisi: *doing the catwalk* Thanks thanks no autographs today *loool* I’m so happy and privileged to be in the Sodas and Popcorn house today with Kiki of life!

Kiki: Sooo, today we’ve got something different, something I doubt anyone has ever really put their minds to in years past and it’s been a long time coming.

Sisi: Loooong Time!

Kiki: You know, all of a sudden, I’ve been having this instinct to be patriotic. Don’t ask me why cause I have no idea whatsoever. But it did pay off during the AFCON semi final match *grins*

Sisi: What’s afcon please?

Kiki: Where do you live?

Sisi: Ibadan! 🙁

Kiki: Ohh never mind! Anyways, people hardly ever refer to the blondes, the brunnettes, the redheads and the ‘black’heads of the movie industry.

Sisi: It’s a man’s world they say. *rme*

Kiki: Nope…we don’t agree with you, its not a man’s world *folding arms* So, yes…we are focusing on the beauties laced with on-screen demeanor…the ones we call ‘actresses’ and the ones we have here, in this awesome (yes, awesome) West-African country called Nigeria.

Sisi: Yep, we are bringing you the Sodas and Popcorn countdown of the Top 10 Nollywood Actresses of the 21st Century. Please enjoy folks.



As much as every Nigerian act claims to have been doing their thing since they were in the womb (I wonder who they’re deceiving) *rme* Omoni isn’t an old face in the industry. At least I didn’t know her when I was 4 yrs old and that’s like some decades back *holds waist*. This actress has shown that noise isn’t necessarily news. With her selective choice of scripts and ace professionalism she is most certainly one to start off this outstanding list. Her exceptional role in one of the movies that redefined Nollywood, ‘Figurine’, was what brought out this bundle of talent. Happily married, less scandalous, Omoni is definitely a Top 10!



It will be sacrilegious (No, I didn’t just learn that word) *straightface* to mention top ten Nigerian actresses and not include this talented diva. Despite being scarce from the screen except during Onga adverts (wonder how much she’s paid to fake the ecstacy an aroma creates) she has made a name for herself. Despite not having loads of A-list movies to her name (please don’t ask me for the A list movies 😐 ) Kate Henshaw is indeed a mentor to many and inspiration to lots of Nollywood lovers. She just happens to bring colour to a very boring script! Kate is definitely taking a front row in the industry.



People have widely varying opinions about Omotola’s ‘talent’. I for one, have been sceptical a few times than none. Sometimes she just totally disappoints. Other times, she hits the nail right on the head.

But then, just then…in a twinkle of hope ‘Ije’ hit the cinemas and ‘BAM!’…just like that! gave us something we haven’t seen from her in a while. (Except of course you can recall her big break in ‘The Prostitute’) She didn’t just act her part, she was her part. The emotion was just there and in the right proportion. Don’t know what magic the director, Chineze Anyaene did, but whatever it was, Omotola should certainly have more of it.



She’s been in Nollywood for years now but yet, she just can’t go sour. Stella is one face that always lightens up the screen, be it an old flick or a new one, I’m always smitten (no homo hunnies)

Her smile, her voice and her character wrap up to give out her talent that one can’t deny is from within.

‘The Widow’ is one movie she was in, (among a host of others) that I just couldn’t help but duff my hat to her. Awesome work of art with all the Ts crossed.

I won’t say she’s got an ‘A’ in versatility, but she has pulled a few strings and didn’t disappoint much in my opinion.

Take the recent flick, ‘Two Brides And A Baby’ for one. Though I was super depressed after seeing that movie, (I tossed and turned in anger in my bed that night. True story) Stella’s presence there gave it a little boost. Portraying an act I didn’t expect though sloppy in some ways, I could still give a nod of approval.

Note to all: Stella’s definitely got her groove back.



There’s just something about Rita you can’t ignore. Though quite ‘down to earth’ (with her shoe-rack full of heels) she stands out. Nah, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying she’s got an overwhelming talent that overshadows the rest. She simply has an aura that speaks volumes.

Bursting lose from her hiatus into ‘The Meeting’, she sure didn’t take a break for nothing. Her rendition in a character I never expected her to pull off was nothing short of incredible…and hilarious if I may add. Who would have thought Rita had a funny bone in her body?

If Dominic keeps on with these ‘talent shockers’ she could (and would) dominate the movie industry with her newly discovered wit.

Kiki: Hope you guys have found the first part of the top female acts in Nollywood interesting? We will back next week to conclude this.

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