Top 10 Nollywood Actors of 21st Century


M.Y: Okay guys, let’s cut to the chase. No chit chats, side talks or build up to the climax of this story. Nollywood actors of this generation haven’t earned a place in the Nollywood Hall of fame

Zubby: Gbam! Preach on pastor M.Y! Let the ministry grow. We are not even going to talk about the likes of RMD, Olu Jacobs, Nkem Owoh…and the list goes oooon.

M.Y: They have their names boldly crested on the Nollywood front building.

Zubby: So we decided to do a research and ask some questions. Even if the actors right now aren’t so good, who are the exceptional ones?

M.Y: This took us on a long road, crossing seas, oceans…

Zubby: Mostly web pages though and a few good friends, don’t mind this drama queen

M.Y: In an order we feel is the least good actor, to the best, here is Sodas & Popcorn’s Best Nollywood Actors of the 21st Century. You are free to disagree and challenge the list. Let’s know who you feel is better or omitted or didn’t deserve to make the list.
And we are off!

10 Gideon Okeke:

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Back in 2006, Gideon Okeke dropped out of school in his final year to contest for the Big Brother Nigeria competition which was the big thing back then. Did I hear someone shout Ah!? Well I did the same the first time I heard the story. But then it was a move that eventually paid off for him. When B.B.A ended, we expected the typical trend, get into modeling and then rapping or some T.V show and “survive” till he goes under. Well, little did we know that the chairman had some acting skills up his sleeves. He got a role on Tinsel  as Phillips Ade Williams, a role which he has convincingly pulled off. But then, he is yet to star in a full feature film and hasn’t showed so much flexibility and diversity in his acting. I believe this guy is one skilled man to look forward to though. Let’s keep watching.

9 Yemi Blaq:


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9th on this list is Yemi Blaq, a gifted English/ Yoruba actor who started his acting career in 2005. What makes him stand out is his strong baritone voice with that fine and classy touch of a foreign accent. He has been relatively quiet of late in the Nollywood circle, hence his present ranking, but on no account should his talent be questioned. Some movies to his credit include Sting 1 & 2, Saviour 1 & 2, Take Control 1-3 and most of all Letters to a Stranger.

8 Desmond Elliot:



Coming in at Number 8 is none other than Desmond Elliot, One of Nollywood’s most gifted and sexy actor turned director and producer, our very own Ben Affleck…lol, Desmond brings to the table what your ordinary actors could only hope and dream to offer to any movie. Born to a Yoruba father, an Igbo mother, Desmond had his primary and secondary education in the north and thus Desmond likes to think of himself as Pan-African. Although he seems to be a bit of a scripted actor, Desmond could be said to have paid his dues on his rise to fame & stardom, having started off acting in soap operas such as Everyday People and Saints & Sinners. Some of his directorial works include Edikan 1 & 2, Kiss and Tell, In the Cupboard and upcoming Nollywood all star flick “Weekend Getaway” to name a few.

7 Joseph Benjamin:


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Just at that point when we all got tired of seeing the old regular faces on our screens, Mahmud Ali-Balogun scoured the length and breadth of Raw Talent and Originality and Eureka! He found Joseph Benjamin. Tango with me, was one of those movies set to redefine Nollywood and Critics were holding their pen, ready to murder any irrelgularities on the path of the actor being that this was his first appearance. But he amazed all! Joseph played lead role torn between Love, an everlasting torture of his wife’s rape and an extremely obsessed boss. He put in his best, with great originality in expressions and body language, Joseph nailed it! Tango with me was a great script, with wonderful directing but all these would have been irrelevant without the EXCELLENT acts like Joseph Benjamin!

6 Femi Brainard:

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When you think the words diverse,cool, calm, collected, composed and still with a touch of class Femi Brainard is the first name that comes to mind. What I love about Mr. Femi here isn’t his smooth way of talking or putting words together that makes you want to brush up the way you pronounce some certain English words its the way he glides effortlessly between the worlds of English and Yoruba films. A lot of you out there might feel/think this is an easy feat to achieve until you  see some Yoruba actors trying their hands on acting English movie roles. Femi has never been one to say too much either on set or off it, but believe me when i say this, his presence is always felt when he’s around

5 Odunlade Adekola :

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Odunlade Adekola, the pride of Yoruba Nollywood, a Glo ambassador, tall handsome hunk, he can hardly construct a simple english sentence without you knowing “He” “His” yoruba and all “er” you grabbing the floor, But he is one hell of a talented dude. His performance in 3 movies convinced me of the unique talent this guy has. Sunday Dagboru where he played the role of a tout turned born again, Emi Ni Ire Kan Where he played a village boy trying to break into the rap music scene with his girlfriend and Asiri Gomina Wa where he played the role of a governor and absolutely nailed it. Well, if you look at the 3 roles mentioned above and you don’t believe he is flexible and talented, then I don’t think I know where the future of this industry lies

4 Ramsey Nouah: 


Our top ten list won’t be anywhere near complete if we left out ‘Mr Nollywood’ himself Ramsey Nouah. I mean some of you reading this right now will have us hunted down and murdered if he wasn’t on this list. Ramsey had been in the Nigerian movie industry eons before it became known as Nollywood, his raw talents and versatility can be said to be one of the major factors that set him apart from the lot also his longevity in the movie industry lays testament to this fact. Ramsey’s acting can only be said to be bettered by a few, really few guys in the industry which leads us to our top 3.

3 O.C. Ukeje:


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Okechukwu Chukwudi Ukeje, popularly known as O.C.Ukeje. He finds himself fast becoming the leading light of a new generation of A-list Nollywood celebrities that are sure to light up any movie production set. O.C first became the focus of public attention when he won the first edition of AMBO (Amstel Malta Box Office) reality TV show and starred in White Waters, and since then has never looked back or had a better past performance. We at Sodas and  popcorn are pleased to have reviewed some of the movies he has starred in and can confidently say this O.C is not only an actor to watch out for in the near future but one of the best who will have his name on the hollywood hall of fame pretty soon !!!!.

2 Hakeem Kae-Kazim: 

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This guy’s bio is endless and A-listed. He has starred in the biggest budgeted Hollywood movies including Pirates of the Carribean, X-Men Wolverine, Hotel Rwanda, The Fourth Kind, 24, Law and Order, Lost, Voice over for the biggest games you can think of, Call of duty, Halo, Final Fantasy…whew!!! It goes on believe me. What makes me proud of this guy is after all these successful roles, he decides to come back to Nigeria and be a part of Nollywood with roles including Black November, Inale and Last Flight to Abuja. Last Flight to Abuja was a nightmare for me and probably the worst movie I saw last year…..naaah, in a longer time. But there is one thing I can’t take away from the movie. It had ONE good act. H.K.K the grand villain of the tale. He was funny and evil at the same time, and most of all, he did make these impressions comfortably. Probably the only reason I finished the movie. He is our proud number 2 actor on this list.

1 Wale Ojo:


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*Drums rolling * And at our number one spot is none other than Mr Wale Ojo!!!!. He is the star of the popular award winning british sitcom, Meet the Adebanjo’s. He has shared a stage with Rowan Atkinson, Rosamund Pike, Don Cheadle, Jill Scott and  Anika Noni Rose. Featured in films in the American and British industry. And then finally decides to come home. His performance in Phoneswap was nothing short of being phenomenal. Flexible and adaptable regardless of the role he has been given. He has truly earned his number two spot on this list.

Zubby: M.Y, we actually do have hope with these guys on this list, I can say that confidently.

M.Y: You can say that again bruv. Bye for now guys. See y’all on Sunday when we review “The Croods