Top 10 Movie Villains of S&P


A Tribute to Enebeli Elebuwa, the nollywood legend. May your soul rest in peace.

Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before, right? At least those are the words of the late American actress “Mae West”. Pardon me ma’am , but I beg to differ. If you haven’t watched any movie on the list below and believe one evil is better than  the other, you are very wrong. This list holds the top 10 best villains of S&P. You could call it the best of all time if you want.

May I add at this point that this list is limited to the movies we have seen and we might have missed one or two guys you feel are worse than this pack, well that is why there is a section for comments below. Add yours in there. A big thanks to the several people for their contributions to this list, you are quite a number for me to start naming, you know yourselves. That said, let’s get started with the list which is in no particular order.



 Frank Costello- The Departed, played by Jack Nicholson

For months my elder brother persuaded me to see this movie and when I finally did, I literally hit myself in the head for not watching it sooner. Not just cause of the beautiful script, but mainly cause watching Jack play the role of Frank was overwhelmingly appealing. Frank Costello was nothing short of a perfect character. His role which was loosely inspired by James “Whitey” Bulger the infamous Boston mob boss (emphasis on the ‘loosely’), was highly depicted to the extreme called ‘awesome’. One word to describe Frank’s personality is ‘Sociopath’. Want to have a deeper glimpse? Go see it for yourself (that’s if you’re part of the 5.5% of humans on the surface of the earth who haven’t).I doubt anyone could have portrayed this role any better than Jack Nicholson. His facial expressions, body language and the words that came out of his mouth in every script oozed with an aura of the CPV…Complete Packaged Villain (yes, I just structured that now. Genius innit? *grins*)

‘The only one that can do what I do is me. Lot of people had to die for me to be me. You wanna be me?’- Frank Costello

Yeah…that’s what I thought.

Charles Lee ‘Chucky’ Ray-Child’s Play, played by (Brad Dourif)

Hi am Chukky wanna play? “…’Chucky’, that was one name that sent shivers down my spine when I was a little kid. Chucky was a serial killer and voodoo practitioner who transfers his soul into a ‘Good guy’ doll when he was mortally wounded. ‘The doll ends up with Andy…then the horror begins…Muhahahahaa! *hehe*

What makes Chucky scary is the sole fact that he’s not a human per say, he’s a doll…a ‘good guy’ doll to be specific, but murders worse than a human would…just for fun.It just takes the whole cuteness out of kiddies’ toys making you wonder everytime you see one if there’s more than meets the eye in that piece of plastic. I for one had a hard time playing with my dolls for a while after seeing Child’s Play. *shivering* I never knew I would say this but, thank heavens kids of this generation seem to be interested in electronic gadgets…atleast they would be free from such horrific imaginations.

Piece of advice: Never Ever Buy Your Kid A ‘Good Guy’ doll…

Enough Said.


Darth Vader-Starwars Franchise, played by several characters

“May the force be with you”. Well every tom-dick and harry knows this saying gotten from the Star wars The movie in my own books has the greatest villain of all time Darth Vader the central character of the star wars movie series. Born Anakin Skywalker once a jedi knight he swore loyalty to Sith Lord Darth Sidious in order to gain the power of the dark side of the force thus becoming he’s henchman. Even though he couldn’t use the force he’s use of the dark side was flawless. He crushed the windpipes of his enemies with so much ease heck he did same to his subordinate, a very distinctive villain  whose sound of his mechanical lungs accompany his every step. What i love about Vader is that he forgives people then kills them; he’s very obedient to his master and holds his subordinates to a similar high standard. Also every time I remember him the first saying that comes to my head is “Luke, I am your father” – Darth Vader


King Hyperion-Immortals, played by Mickey Rourke

Played by Mickey Rourke in the movie Immortals which to me wasn’t an impressive film with the only positive from that movie being the character of its main villain Lord Hyperion. He’s character was a pride to watch, a laid back evil mastermind who conquers all in his part to releasing the titans. He’s method of punishment was pure evil (when he locked the 3 high priestess inside a metallic bull filled with boiling water.) He never showed any sign of weakness, negation is for weaklings to him. An embodiment of what a villain should be, knowing what you and killing all who stand in your way even if it’s a king begging to negotiate. Lovely villain, crappy film. Capeesh


Scar-The Lion King played by Jeremy Irons


Would this list have been complete without mentioning the first idea of a villain we were ever introduced to as kids? Don’t lie. It wouldn’t.

For a cartoon character, Scar was THE EPITOME OF EVIL. My mom used to look at me while I watched The Lion King on VHS and go “If you’re a bad boy, Scar will come get you at night”. Scarred me for life.

Who else could think of luring his competition (Simba) into certain death (the Elephant Graveyard) so subtly? Who else could think of killing a father and blaming it on his cub of a son? Who else could convince hyenas to fight against an entire pride of Lions?

That’s right. Scar.

You have to give the green eyed anorexic lion the respect he deserves

The Joker – The Dark Knight played by Heath Ledger


Undoubtedly the greatest villain I have ever encountered. No visible superpowers, no apparent training in combat, no identity, and for someone who’s a clown, no jokes. Just…pure evil.

He’s the real deal. Not in it for the money, or the fame, or the infamous “world domination”, just out to watch the world burn. Out for blood, out to prove a point, and out for complete and utter…chaos. The Joker is your villain’s villain. Ask your local villain.

Batman was no match for the mental challenge that was the Joker in The Dark Knight. His evil genius, his cunning and his schemes were only thwarted by the one thing he did not anticipate; Man’s humanity to Man.

Let’s not forget that he’s the only person to wear permanent make up and not be regarded as a homosexual.

Show some respect for the greatest villain to ever walk our screens.

RIP Heath Ledger.


Agent Smith -Matrix trilogy , played by Hugo Weavens.

We have all had our fair share of terrible computer viruses which won’t just go away, no matter what antivirus you are using. You believe you have seen the worst right? Then wait till you meet a computer program in human form with super intelligence, strength and speed which just won’t die no matter what you do to it and the biggest hatred for humanity. He even managed to get out of the matrix world and corrupt a real human.  Be afraid guys before downloading that file from the internet, you never know what it could be holding.

Alonzo Harris-Training day,played by Denzel Washington.

Denzel always plays the good guy and has found a way into everyone’s heart, even when he plays the baddest cop in movie history, you have to love him more. He has this swagger he brings on the screen and ignites the most interest from the audience. All Alonzo  wants is his money, he doesn’t care about cleaning the streets up of crime, I mean he stood by and watched his partner’s ass get beat up, he doesn’t care about friends as long as you have got money he could pick from you, I mean he got his friend killed to pick up his stash. Alonzo is as cold blooded as it could get. But then, even the best chess players make the wrong moves. Owing the Russian mob a million dollars!

Anton Chigurh-No country for old men played by Javier Bardem.

In a press interview released by Miramax co-star Josh Brolin called Anton Chigurh “the devil’s incarnate”. If you thought Javier Bardem’s Silva from skyfall was the worst villain you ever  saw, then you definitely haven’t seen this movie. Believe me when I say this, I was scared of the dude mehn, he is simply a psycho who can’t be described, I don’t really know what his problem is, no one knows, even Javier Bardem doesn’t know, you think I am lying? ask him. I just know you won’t see him coming and he has no mercy. With a weapon of life, his “captive bolt pistol” which you won’t even suspect is a weapon he is the only man you don’t want to be the first driving by when your car breaks down along Benin-Ore road.  Very few villains actually get away with their crimes and Anton is one of them.

Hannibal Lecter- The Silence Of The Lambs , Hannibal and Red Dragon played by Sir Anthony Hopkins

A creation of Thomas Harris based on his novels, an Oscar winning performance from Sir Anthony Hopkins, a living legend who claims to read a script about 250 times before acting a role and voted the most memorable villain in history by the American film institute in 2001. A genius level psychiatrist who also happens to be a cannibalistic serial killer and takes pride in making the FBI look like an agency of men in black whose job is to sell staplers. The man is worse than Clifford Orji, at least that one dey roast the flesh, this guy just takes it raw. Pardon me for my disturbing verbalism. Born with a traumatic childhood and a rampant case of narcissism, he couldn’t have grown up to be any better. He is a true villain who has no rival.

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