Tom Hardy’s Legend Poster Ingeniously Hides Negative Review


legend posterWhen it comes to creativity in marketing, nobody does it better than Hollywood. This is especially so when you consider that they have to do it week in, week out. However, it looks like they might have outdone themselves this time.

It’s not very often you see a movie studio include a negative review of their film in the poster or any other promotional material, but Universal did it with a poster for Legend. Funny thing is they probably would have gotten away it if the reviewer hadn’t called them out.

The poster features a photos of the film’s lead actor, Tom Hardy who plays the role of the Kray brother- notorious identical twins in 1960s London. The photo is surrounded by four and five stars from various publications. However, somewhere in there, they squeeze in a two-star rating from the Guardian, but because it is very well placed, you probably wouldn’t have noticed at it not been brought to your attention.


Now, it’s not clear why they decided to include the negative picture, knowing fully well there was potential for it to backfire. On a second thought, maybe that was exactly what they were hoping for. Film promotion happens every week, so it is down to the promotion team to come up with a unique way of promoting their film, so it doesn’t get lost in the myriad of films being marketed.

While it seems unlikely, you can’t completely rule out the option that this was a calculated move at getting the public to talk about the film, especially since it opened at UK cinemas today.

We can only speculate as to Universal’s intentions, but one thing is clear, there’s been a lot of press surrounding the film over the last few hours, and this can only serve to benefit the film.


Source: Business Insider