The 6 Most Ridiculous Reasons Why Movies Have Been Banned


Half of a Yellow SunFilm censorship is a worldwide phenomenon. Governments of the day (rightly or wrongly) feel they have the moral responsibility to dictate what their citizens can and should watch. While some governments are a little lax with how they use these powers, others (our dear Nigeria included) feel it is their God-given right to dictate to the citizens what is suitable for viewing.

In my opinion, governments should never have to ban a film, but you can’t help but question the sanity of those who took the decision to ban certain films, because whatever reason they gave for it was pure bollocks.

Sit back and enjoy the rest of this article as we take a look at the 6 of these really absurd reasons why movies have been banned.


Half of a Yellow Sun should be on this list, but the reason the NFVCB gave for its initial ban pales in significance to those on this list.


6. Apocalypse Now:

apocalypse nowIf you’ve seen Apocalypse Now, you might not be too surprised that it would get banned, seeing as it shows a lot of violence and gore. It’s a film that shows the horrors of war, and chaos man is truly capable of.

You however will not see why the movie was banned in South Korea coming. Apparently, it was banned because of its…ANTI WAR MESSAGE. Yes, you read that right. The government of South Korea felt the movie was not pro-war enough, hence it’s ban.

This kind of move is what i would expect from the northern part of Korea, but hey, people tend to surprise you once in a while.

Maybe things would have been different if just before the credit started rolling, the director had put up a message along the lines of “War is Good; do it everyday”.

5. Schindler’s List:

schindler's listApparently the only reason Indonesia needed to ban this movie was because it was sympathetic to the Jewish cause. Let that sink in.

4. Rambo:

ramboEveryone loves Rambo. As far as the quality of movies during its era goes, it was a classic (at least in it’s own right). Apparently, the only people that don’t like the movie are Burma government officials. The movie was banned in the country because Rambo kills too many Burmese soldiers and it didn’t inspire confidence in the army by the populace.

Apparently, Burmese rebels love this movie. One can only wonder why.

3. Barney’s Great Adventure:

barneyI’m not sure there’s anyone who was lucky enough to have access to a TV while growing up that didn’t see Barney and his friends. It was just a part of growing up.

However, it seems the government of Malaysia does not agree with this claim. Apparently, the Malaysian government thinks Barney is unacceptable and unsuitable for children to watch.

I’m still yet to wrap my head around that one. If Barney isn’t suitable for children to watch, then what is?


2. 2012:

2012 posterVery few things can beat the ridiculousness of why this movie was banned in North Korea.

The movie was banned because 2012 coincides with Kim Il Sung’s birthday. The year had also been designated “the year for opening the grand gates to becoming a rising superpower”, thus, a movie which depicts the year in a negative light was found to be offensive by the North Korean government. Several people in North Korea were reportedly arrested for possessing or viewing pirated copies of the movie and charged with “grave provocation against the development of the state.

1. The Simpsons:

the simpsonsThe Simpsons is one of the greatest shows ever, simple. That children and adults alike in Burma will be denied the opportunity to see this greatness of a show is bad enough. The reason the government gave just makes you want to cry.

As it turns out, Yellow is considered bad luck in Bahrain, but it seems Homer and his family didn’t get the memo.



And there you have our list of 6 of the most ridiculous reasons a movie has been banned. Is there any other reason a movie was banned that you know and isn’t on this list, please feel free to share them with us in the comment section.