Tempting Fate Gets July Release Date+ Watch The Trailer


Tempting Fate posterDirector, Kevin Nwankwor’s new film, Tempting Fate, will hit Nigerian cinemas on July 17, 2015.

Described as an action/crime movie, Tempting Fate tells the story of brotherly love and where two different paths in life can be taken with an unintended outcome. It is a story of two brothers taking two very different approaches to life. Edu (Andrew Onochie), is the brother founded in his Christian roots. The other brother Ugo (Ramsey Nouah) lives life on the fast track.

The film stars Ramsey Nouah, Andrew Onochie, Dan Davies, Tiffany-Denise Turner, John J Vogel and Kimberly Kral.

From the trailer, I got the feel that this film might take the route Thy Will Be Done did; the “address religious theme in a secular way” approach. The trailer also did enough to pique my interest and now, I’m looking forward to the film’s release.

I learnt this film is Kevin Nwankwor’s directional debut, so it would be interesting to see how he pulls off a movie I expect is big budget (at least in the Nigerian sense).

Tempting Fate will be available in all major cinemas across Nigeria.

Watch the trailer below.