Supergirl Pilot Episode Now Available Online


Supergirl posterSupergirl is one of the most talked about series that will make their debut later this year. The show has generated some buzz, although quite a number of people are skeptical about it.

Well, it seems like everyone can have a feel of what the series will be like way ahead of its intended November release date, as the pilot episode is now available online. It is unclear yet how this happened, but the file can now be found on quite a few file sharing sites, and apparently, it is of a very good quality, and does not have any watermarks (really, those can be quite annoying).

CBS is yet to make any official statements, but we can only imagine that voices are being raised and people are probably getting fired right now at the CBS headquarters.

The file is probably available on your favourite file sharing/torrent website; although we do not recommend that you patronize pirate websites.

The series stars Melissa Benoist as Kara Danvers aka Supergirl.

You can watch the series trailer below.