Stella Damascus Reacts To Ghanaian Filmmaker, Leila Djansi’s, “Nollywood And Hitler” Comparison


stella_damasusVocal (and often controversial) Ghanaian filmmaker, Leila Djansi has been receiving some major backlash for a comment she made sometime in 2014 after she compared Nollywood to Hitler.

The filmmaker made the comment in a documentary about the Nigerian film industry titled “Jimmy Goes To Nollywood”  by Rachid Dhibou and Jimmy Jean-Louis.

“I don’t think those people, this new crop of filmmakers should be put under the umbrella of Nollywood. They should be called independent film because a name carries a lot, if you start tagging it Nollywood, every negative connotation that comes with Nollywood, it’s like calling your son Hitler…” she said.

Not known to take such insults lying down, Nigerians have been going hard on the filmmaker on Twitter, and most notable of these responses came from Nollywood actress, Stella Damascus, who posted a 12 minute YouTube video to express her displeasure at the comments.

“That is the most derogatory thing anyone can ever say about the Nigerian movie industry… I beg you, please do not demean the works that people like me and my colleagues have put into this industry, because that’s the only reason why you were in the documentary in the first place.” the Nollywood actress said.

You can watch the Damascus’ response in the embedded player below.

I think it’s worthy of note though that the backlash is coming almost a year after the documentary was released.