Small But Mighty: Ant-Man Dominates Weekend Box Office


    Ant-man posterGoing into the weekend, the question was always whether or not Ant-Man was going to be Marvel’s first Box Office flop. The answer to that question, I’ll let you judge for yourselves.

    Unlike many of the previous Marvel movies, Ant-man features a second grade superhero (he’s not as well known as the others. In fact, I didn’t know there was an Ant-man superhero until news of the film started floating around). This simple fact made it hard to predict how well the movie was going to do at the Box office. Thanks however to a series of impressive marketing strategies and mostly positive reviews, the film was able to gross a total of $114.4 million worldwide, just under the $130 million it cost to make the movie.

    “Well, this isn’t too impressive for a Marvel movie”, you might say. Maybe it isn’t, but you might be inclined to have a change of heart when you consider certain factors. First, the movie is Marvel’s 12th consecutive first place opening. Secondly, the film’s $58 million gross in the U.S puts it behind only the $65 million opening for Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger. Like I said earlier, when you also consider that the character isn’t as well known as the other Marvel heroes, this is a pretty good opening weekend number.

    In second place is animated spin-off, Minions with $50 million in the U.S (down 56% from last week). This weekend’s numbers brings its total gross to $625 million, which is not bad for a movie which cost $74 million.

    Amy Schumer’s Trainwreck came in third place with $30 million. The film’s earnings are expected to sky rocket over the next few weeks, seeing as the film is due for international release next week, as well as a host of positive reviews.

    Inside Out and Jurassic World came in fourth and fifth place, earning $11.7 and $11.4 million, which brings their total to $306.3 and $611 million respectively.

    Below is a full rundown of the top 12 movies at the American box office.

    N.B: It’s interesting to note that the top five movie on the list were distributed by either Universal or Walt Disney.

    1) Ant-Man                          $58,040,000
    2) Minions                           $50,200,000     Total: $216,692,000
    3) Trainwreck                     $30,200,000      Total: $30,200,000
    4) Inside Out                      $11,660,000      Total: $306,363,000
    5) Jurassic World              $11,400,000      Total: $611,174,000
    6) Terminator: Genisys    $5,400,000      Total: $80,640,000
    7) Magic Mike XXL           $4,500,000      Total:     $58,636,000
    8) The Gallows                   $4,005,000      Total:     $18,007,000
    9) Ted 2                               $2,700,000      Total:     $77,457,000
    10) Mr. Holmes                 $2,489,000          Total: $2,489,000
    11) Bajrangi Bhaijaan       $2,425,000
    12) Self/Less                      $2,292,000     – Total: $10,355,000