Short Film Review: Alpha Mom Starring Judith Audu


Director: Akin Harrison

Writer: Adelarin Awoteru

Staring: Judith Audu and Sunkanmi Awoteru

In recent years, Nigerian filmmakers have embraced more the culture of short filmmaking. This is a great development and platform for upcoming movie makers and actors to showcase their talents with as little resources as possible in the highly competitive and low profit making Nollywood market. More importantly for this filmmakers, Nigerian viewers are receiving this short films with as much warmth as full feature films. One of such movies receiving the warmth at the moment with nominations and screenings at different awards and events is Alpha Mom.

Alpha Mom tells the story of a single mother’s struggles with life, love, work and her son. The film is Written and produced by Adelarin Awotedu, Directed by Akin Harrison and cinematography by Segun Fayor Ogedengbe. It stars Judith Audu as Alpha Mom and Sunkanmi Awotedu as Soji.

Judith Audu Alpha Mom

Judith Audu in Alpha Mom

Alpha mom does a great job of squeezing the challenges many single mothers into 18 minutes and tries to pass a message across about the way many of these parents take out their frustrations and aggression on their children and people around them.

A lot of visual story telling is used in the movie and I found that as a welcome substitute for what could have been lots and lots of conversations. This helped carry me as a viewer along better and got me more involved

In the negatives, while I loved the story told, the story telling and the directing had its flaws in a few scenes.

Alpha Mom Judith Audu and Sunkanmi Awotedu

Judith Audu and Sunkanmi Awoteru in Alpha Mom

One of those scenes was the “supposed TV scene” where there is a transition from Soji holding a frame of his parents to a scene where a man and Tope Tedella are having a conversation. That looked like a flashback probably telling us what happened to the used-to-be happy family and nothing like a TV point of view. It rather confused me and I had to watch that scene again before understanding. This could have worked better if the scene was tracked into a TV frame.

My second issue with the movie was the dialogues about Soji’s father. It was established somewhere in the beginning that she was going for a visitation. If she was going for a visitation, and she didn’t take her son, first thought will be, “he is in prison” or its some form of isolation based visitation. But then the dialogue later in the movie about Femi (Soji’s father) not coming close to the son because he isn’t welcome raised an eyebrow. So which was it? Was she separated or was he in prison? That wasn’t so clear and well established for me.



Sunkanmi Awotedu In Alpha Mom

My last issue was with the performance of the lead character, Judith Audu. Judith is a fast rising actress who has the potential of going all the way in Nollywood. Thanks to her graceful physic and raw talent. But even with that, her performance in Alpha Mom was a bit below my expectations of her. She mostly screamed most of the movie with little emotions to make the performance believable and she needs to work more on her intonations. Sunkanmi Awotedu in his role as Soji did hold his ground and put up an impressive performance worth giving a nod. We should look out for that kid in the future.


Overall, Alpha Mom is a movie which has a message that should be seen by both single and married parents about raising of kids but the movie needed a few more nights in development and it would have come out perfect.

Alpha Mom gets a Soda & Hotdog from us at S&P HQ.

Sodas & Popcorn Rating3