Sad News Fannibals: Netflix and Amazon Pass Up On Hannibal


    HannibalThe past month has not been a very good one for Hannibal and its fans.

    Sometime last month, news got out that NBC had decided to cancel its critically acclaimed series, Hannibal, due to consistent low ratings. The news came as a big disappointment to many of the show’s fans, but many hopes were rejuvenated after the show’s creator, Bryan Fuller announced that the search was on to find a new home for the series.

    Not long after, news emerged again that streaming sites, Netflix and Amazon were in talks to pick up the series, with many tipping (some were even certain) Amazon to pick up the series full time.

    Unfortunately for fans of the show, Netflix and Amazon have both passed on picking up the show. This piece of information was revealed by Bryan Fuller through his twitter page yesterday, after a fan asked how the search for a new home for the series was going. Fuller replied that neither Netflix nor Amazon was willing to pick up season 4 of Hannibal, but the search is still very much on.

    The third season of Hannibal is currently running on U.S television network, NBC.