Rules For Nollywood Movie Spoof Competition 2014 And The Submission And Voting Process


Here are the rules of participation in Nollywood Movie Spoof Competition 2014.

Download the rules here —- > Rules of Nollywood Spoof 2014

Voting Stages for Spoof 2014

Votes within the 2 week period on Facebook are simply determined by the highest number of votes from the public. So, that means you stand a better chance of winning by getting friends to vote for you by liking the page and your designs. 

The top 10 designs from the votes on Facebook are determined by the votes your design gets as stated above.

The Judges reserves the right to select 3 wildcard spoof (based on creativity, quality, humor, and originality, even thou they might not have the highest number of votes).

The selected designs will then progress to the next stage of voting that will take place on  the official page on the Sodas & Popcorn website

Second stage of voting starts 4th of November and ends on the 9th of November. Remember, at this stage, you are still “largely” responsible for  the publicity of your entries and making it into the top 5, so the more you  promote your designs, the better chance you stand of winning. 

The top 5 entries with the highest votes are announced after voting process ends then Judges deliberate on the top 5 and select this year’s winner and champion.

Here are the Nollywood Spoof and Sodas & Popcorn logos. Feel free to use them in your designs.

nollywood spoof logosodas

Nollywood Spoof VOTING PROCESS


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    • Don’t worry, the post is coming up soon. Just hang around. Before starting a converstation with a stranger, you introduce yourself. That’s what we just did. Review coming up soonest!!

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