Road to the Oscars: 5 Silly Things That Will Probably Happen At The Academy Awards This Year


The Oscars are 4 days away people and I’m definitely not the only one getting goose bumps about what the Oscar results would be (this is like University all over again). I’m currently attempting to get in touch with a palm reader/psychic (from India-so I’m sure she has the crystal ball and all ) but until that happens we’re gonna kick things off by talking about the other things Oscar-loving TV viewers can count on happening this year.

Here is Sodasandpopcorn’s list of the top five silliest Oscar predictions to watch for at the 2014 Academy Awards this Sunday:

1.      JLaw Will Trip, Fall, Photobomb, Most Likely Say Something Goofy

Besides her memorable acting roles in features such as “Silver Linings Playbook” and “American Hustle,” Jennifer Lawrence has a refreshing reputation in Hollywood for being somewhat unpolished and candid. In order to keep up appearances, the 23-year-old film star has participated in more than one quirky incident on the red carpet in recent years, her most memorable arguably being her trip onto the stage at the Academy Awards in 2013, before accepting her win for Best Actress. With Lawrence queued to present at this year’s show, and the possibility that she might score another Oscar win, you can be sure we will see another Twitter-worthy Lawrence incident again this year.

2.      Everyone Will Hate On Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway

Probably the exact opposite of Jlaw, It’s no secret that Anne Hathaway has her own hate club (and her hateclub has it’s own fan club- “Hathaters”), It really doesn’t help that her name rhymes with “hate away” and you can bet her haters will be out in full force following her appearance at the Academy Awards this year.

While Hathaway isn’t up for an Oscar win, she is billed to present at the coveted ceremony, a presentation which is sure to stir up the hate Tweets from some of her most devout detractors.


3.      Pink Might Do The Silks/Trapeze – AGAIN


According to a press release from the Academy, the “Just Give Me a Reason” singer, Pink, is set to make a special appearance on stage at the Oscars this year. While the nature of Pink’s performance is currently unknown, it’s easy to guess what her big debut may entail. If you have watched any awards shows over the past two years, then you most likely have seen Pink fly through the air with the greatest of ease, showing off her trapeze and silks skills.

Yes, Pink’s ability to perform circus acts is impressive, but as a TV viewer, it’s getting a little old (to put in nicely). You’re awesome Pink, but you need to get a new trick; throw in some balloons and an alternate personality switch every once in a while.

Let’s hope she can figure out something else to do this awards season.

4.      Everyone Will Google “Lupita Nyong’o”

If you haven’t heard the name Lupita Nyong’o already (well you probably live under a tree), you will more than likely be hearing it everywhere you go following the 2014 Oscars on Sunday night. The novice actress, classified as a shoe-in for the Best Supporting Actress win by Entertainment Weekly magazine, has only risen to fame in recent weeks following her Academy nomination for her role in the true-life drama, “12 Years a Slave.” Despite her newfound fame, if Nyong’o scores her golden statuette this year, you can bet her name will be finding its way into everyone’s Google searches this weekend. And Google will make more money, and would pay more for advertising, and we would all be rich and start making plans to retire before we’re forty.

Basically this all ends well for everyone.

5.      People Will Diss Ellen DeGeneres’ Hosting Job

Ellen DeGeneres

No matter how poorly or how well each year’s Oscar host performs, it always feels like history repeats itself and everyone critiques the host during and immediately after the performance. Seth MacFarlane’s hosting job last year was obviously more vulgar than the Academy was used to, but his controversial quips and performances (“We saw your boobs,” anyone?) raked in more than 40 million viewers in 2013, a significant rise from the show’s 39.3 million viewers in 2012.

Ellen is absolutely fabulous and while she is no novice when it comes to hosting live gigs, the Oscars is a completely different animal. Let’s hope for her sake, viewers at home are kinder this weekend than in previous years.


That’s it people! What do you think will happen at the Oscars this year?