Ridley Scott’s The Martian Gets First Trailer


the martian posterWe finally have the first trailer for upcoming big screen adaptation of Andy Weir’s book, The Martian, and it is awesome.

20th Century Fox yesterday, released a teaser of sorts- which by the way I thought was awesome- but it seems that was in preparation for today’s trailer.

The martian follows the story of Mark Watney, an astronaut who gets left behind on Mars by his crew. Originally thought to be dead, he ends up inspiring a long-shot rescue mission. The only problem is he still has to survive on his own for several years before the rescue mission gets to him.

I think it’s worth asking though; why does Matt Damon keep getting abandoned in space?

Now, from all indications, these movie is set to be one of the biggest that would be released this year. One of its strong points is the fact that unlike most movies set in space, the Martian is grounded in scientific facts, and as someone described it, an engineer’s handbook for surviving in Mars.

Directed by Ridley Scott, the film stars Matt Damon, Kate Mara, Jessica Chastain, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Jeff Daniels.

Unfortunately, we still have to wait till November 25 before the movie hits theaters. But in the mean time, you can watch both the trailer and the teaser below.