Rick Famuyiwa Now Also In Talks To Direct Marvel’s Black Panther


Rick FamuyiwaJust yesterday, news filtered in that Selma director, Ava DuVenay was being considered to direct either Black Panther or Captain Marvel. Well, it seems a lot has changed since then.

Hollywood scoop provider, El Mayimbe, is now reporting the director, Rick Famuyiwa, is indeed being considered for Black Panther, while Ava DuVernay is being looked at for Captain Marvel instead.

According to him, Marvel wants an African-American director for Black Panther, and a female one for Captain Marvel. While Ava Duvernay fits both, she is more likely to be considered for the Captain Marvel.

Rick Famuyiwa is a first generation Nigerian-American director. His latest film, Dope, was a big hit at the recently concluded Cannes Film Festival. Like DuVernay, Famuyiwa does not have a lot of movies under his belt, and he has not experience working on big budget or action movies. Many have drawn on the point to defend why they think neither of them should be directing a Marvel movie.

From where I’m standing, for Marvel to be going for these directors, it might mean they want to take these movies in a totally different direction to the other movies in the MCU that have been released so far. Just maybe with Black Panther and Captain Marvel, they want to give viewers a story with a lot more depth than Avengers and co.

Whatever the case, it would be interesting to see who finally gets to direct these movies. It would be a big win for black directors of any or both of Famuyiwa and DuVernay can score a big budget Hollywood movie.

What do you think? Will either or both of them make a good addition to the Marvel family? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


Source: Shadow and Act