[Review] IronMan 3



Director: Shane Black

Screen Writer: Drew Pearce and Shane Black

Stars: Robert Downey, Jr.(Sherlock Holmes, The Avengers), Gwyneth Paltrow (Iron Man 1&2, The Avengers), Don Cheadle (Hotel Rwanda, Ocean’s 12 & 13), Guy Pearce (The King’s Speech, Prometheus) and Jon Favreau(Iron Man 1 & 2, I Love You Man)



Zubby: Time and again we’ve all seen Hollywood movies where the Sequel is nothing but a shadow of the prequel.

M.Y: We don’t want to start mentioning names but Taken 2 and Bourne Legacy fit perfectly well into that category.

Zubby: So when we heard Iron man 3 started shooting in May 2012 we at Sodas and Popcorn HQ felt a lil skeptical…that was until we saw the movie and boy! were we wrong or what.

M.Y: No oooo! Me I wasn’t skeptical at all. I trust my marvel guys with all my heart. If I remember perfectly, from our little bet? you owe …

Zubby: Oh please, you Ijebu man. So guys here goes our review.




Zubby: The movie picks up basically where the Avengers left off. Tony is back home with his fiance Ms. Potts after fighting off the alien invasion with the avengers assemble. He recalls the Christmas eve party of 1999 with a lady who comes up with some sort of biological invention called Extremist. Extremist falls into the wrong hand and comes back to hunt Mr. Stark shattering his world to pieces, setting him on a collision course with ‘The Mandarin’ a villain who knows no personal boundaries when out to achieve his goals. With Tony Stark back against the wall and seemingly no place to run or hide he must rely on his skill and ingenuity as a mechanic to fight for, free and protect those dear to him.

M.Y: A friend made a point about this movie, you know the timeless debate about who is more intelligent between Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne? This movie answers that question perfectly well. I mean, we have seen the best from Nolan’s Batman series and Favreau & Black’s Ironman series. Please do take note Stark was even hardly in his suit most of this movie

Zubby: I mean, the guy went completely off the radar and pretty much dazzled everyone in the theater. He had us cheering like it was a football game or something

M.Y: A+++ for the script. It couldn’t have been better. But is this the last we are seeing of the Ironman?

Zubby: last ke? I very much doubt that. I am almost certain there will be Iron 4 and then there is Avengers 2.




Zubby: Firstly I would like to say a ‘Job well done’ to the Stunts Coordinators of this movie as well as the studios Scanline VFX, Digital Domain and Weta Digital for their visual effects (it was a joy to behold).

M.Y: Did you see the list of the Visual Effects and Stunts team when the cast was showing in the end? Endless! And then Director Shane Black is no newbie to directing action movies that are sure to leave you on the edge of your seat (Leathal weapon & Predator) especially during the late 80’s but has been relatively quiet in the 21st century.

Zubby: His introduction into the Disney/Marvel movie franchise was really a ‘hit or miss’ thing, but it sure was a huge hit as his work(all round) in this movie is sure to have you picking up your jaw after they drop on numerous occasions.

M.Y: Don’t think I noticed any flaw in this movie as regards this movie as every event and scene were well timed and spaced making sure they had your attention and you never felt bored all through the movie.

Zubby: Naaaa…not one damn boring moment. And not one flaw at all




M.Y: Please excuse me for a minute gotta do this….*laughs for 5 mins*

Zubby: So mind explaining what was so hilarious?

M.Y: 2 words. Ben Kingsley

Zubby: Hey! No spoilers.

M.Y: Yeah I know…lol…Robert Downey Jr as ever was as fun and hilarious as always.

Zubby: The Marvel Comics money magnet keeps smiling to the bank each time he wears the Ironman suit. He is definitely the reason Iron Man franchise is the success it is.

M.Y: Please dont be deceived by the trailer which was so damn serious. This movie is just one big joke in the Marvel tradition and nature. Don Cheadle was at the top of his game also.

Zubby: Then Ms Pepper…she ‘almost’ tipped Jenifer Lawrence off my top celebrity crush list with her performance in this movie. Totally BAD ASS!!!


The Verdict


M.Y: *Drums rolling*….Zubby please do rate this movie on behalf of the Sodas and Popcorn crew

Zubby: Popcorn and Soda. I will be committing a big crime if I rate it any less. Definitely the best of the trilogy. No doubt about that

M.Y: As a matter of fact, this is the first movie of 2013 earning the right to be amongst the nominees for Popcorn Soda and Hotdog at the end of this year

Zubby: Too sad Terdoh and Kiki haven’t seen it. Tongue Out