[Review] Fast & Furious 6


Director: Justin Lin(Fast & Furious franchise)

Written By: Chris Morgan(Tokyo Drift and Wanted) and Gary Scott Thompson(The Fast & Furious Franchise)

Stars: Vin Diesel plays Dom(Pitch Black, Riddick)Paul Walker plays Brian O’Connor(Fast & Furious franchise)Dwayne Johnson plays Hobbs(G.I Joe and Faster)Michelle Rodriguez plays Letty(Avatar, Fast & Furious)Tyrese Gibson plays Roman (Transformers, Fast & Furious)Sung Kang plays Han(Fast & Furious and Ninja Assasin), Ludacris plays Tej(Fast & Furious Franchise)Gina Carano plays Riley(Haywire) and Luke Evans plays Shaw(Immortals, Clash of Titans).

M.Y: So Kiki, how was your long ‘undeserved’ vacation from the Sunday reviews?

Kiki:  Long…yeah. Undeserved… heck no! Work’s been kicking my behind so bad *wipes brow*

But yeup! I’m back! So who missed me? *batting eyelashes*

M.Y: I didn’t miss you. (˘^˘ ) . LoL Welcome back though. So guys, welcome to today’s review of the Movie currently tearing the theaters apart worldwide. Fast & Furious 6. Myself and Kiki would differ a little bit on this review guys,lol… just putting that out upfront.

Kiki: F&F 6. One word. Overrated. Please don’t hate me for this.

M.Y: Let’s let the readers decide on that now, shall we?

Hobb has Dom and Brian reassemble their crew in order to take down a mastermind who commands an organization of mercenary drivers across 12 countries. Payment for this job will be full pardon for all members of the team.

Kiki: Buying your freedom by doing the one thing you love the most. Now who wouldn’t take up that kinda offer?


The Script


M.Y: A script? When has the Fast and Furious franchise ever been about a script?

Kiki: And here I was thinking you’d totally disagree to agree to that fact.

 M.Y: It’s always been about sexy cars, sexy chicks…

Kiki: …neck breaking speeds, impossible and implausible stunts. *rolls eyes*

M.Y: Ladies…smh…what do they know. But now, it just got bigger. I mean these guys have not one bit of a regard or respect for physics anymore. This guys fly now. Yep you heard me right. It’s like they have become super heroes or something.

Kiki: I was like; ‘Come On! Seriously?’ They shouldn’t have left out the capes.

M.Y: This isn’t some Oscar contending story though, or a movie to follow the rules…naaah. It’s much too different from that. It has grown from being about Illegal street racing to these guys taking down multinational criminals now. The story has simply evolved which is even logical in real life for guys with this special kind of skill set. It is a completely awesome movie. The best of the franchise so far.

I loved every minute of it although I didn’t like the unreasonable waste of life in the freeway tanker scene. Even with all the smashing and crushing, there were shots where you won’t see bodies in the cars. Those parts seemed too silly for me.

And then Super Man Dom…*lips sealed* You need to see the movie to understand what I mean.

Kiki: Nah. Fast Five did it way better for me *shrug* The tempo just kept building up right from the first scene till the end.

F&F 6 on the other hand got me yawning and stretching and waiting impatiently for the nail to be smashed on the head. I personally think they draaaagged the whole storyline a bit too far for me.

M.Y: Yawning? Dragging? With all that adrenaline going on?? You’ve got to be kidding me. This is really sad. Its waaaaay better than 5.

Kiki: I almost dozed off at some points. True story.


The Directing


M.Y: Its Justin Lin again. He has done it the last 4 times and they didn’t disappoint so why will he start now. I loved how he developed with the story. Its quite sad he is off the franchise though.

Kiki: Oh well. No more ‘Flying-Men-Without-Wings’.

M.Y: Let me defend the movie for a minute. Lots of Critics have been questioning the logic and laws of physics being ignored by this movie. Come on guys!!! Stop being so uptight. Most movies from this year so far have been about entertainment basically(although I hunger for some genuine mind bending thrill though. Some Inception kind of stuff)

The franchise started as a series of movies about illegal racing and a bad guy always getting away from the cops. Let me put this question to you guys now, if you have 6 movies about illegal racing, wouldn’t you have dropped off at the third part or something?

Kiki: Put aside the script and change in its direction. That bit was creative…totally agree with that. But dude, some of the ‘stunts’ were way too much for this time and season. I mean come on! Thought the movie industry had out-grown that. It’s not like it was some sci-fi movie or something.

Which reminds me. In other news, I think ‘After Earth’ is going to suck *straightface*

Okay, moving on…

M.Y: Hehe. Well the only hope for the movie is Will Smith. But M.Night Shyamalan…..No way! He ruined Last Airbender for me. Wait! Why do we digress?


The Acting


M.Y: Tyrese Gibson is a total clown. Every time he spoke, I cracked up. Asides from him, everyone else had one liners.

Kiki: Gibson ma man! He sure brought some humor to this one…as always. He and Luda…two of a kind. Cracked me up.

M.Y: Oh, the Villain was okay. He wasn’t all that a bad ass, but he did make the Dom Gang sweat and look like a bunch of p*****s though.

Kiki: Don’t be nice M.Y. He was a bore. His threats were a snoozefest.

M.Y: Kiki chill now. He wasn’t that bad.

Kiki: Yeah right

M.Y: We have the complete crew from the beginning back in here. Except the Brazilian duo from Fast 5. And we also have Letty coming back from the dead.

Then the fight between Letty and Riley(Gina Carano) was completely insane. It reminded me of the fight between Dom and Hobb in Fast 5…simply legendary.

Kiki: Gina can really kick a** though. Boy, did she entertain. Then the double-battle scene with Dwayne and Vin teaming up was awesome. Just awesome. Those were probably the parts when my eyes were wide open.


The Verdict


M.Y: Following my tone from the beginning of this review, my verdict shouldn’t come as a surprise. I loved this movie. I was sold out totally to the lies, and I feel the Fast and Furious franchise keeps getting better with each passing season and this is the undoubted best season for me so far. Well, it’s an series isn’t it? We are heading for Fast and Furious 7 aren’t we(it done turn to Paloma). A ‘little’ spoiler for you guys

Kiki: Hey M.Y you don’t have to do that you know.

M.Y: Well its more of a hint than a spoiler though. LoL. So guys, Wait a few minutes after the Credits. Fast and Furious 7 will feature a star we have all come to love for his British accent, breaking bones, being bald, driving fast and hardly smiling.

Kiki: Yada, yada, yada. Very soon, Bruce Willis will enter this franchise too.

M.Y: It had adrenaline inducing action, had the whole cinema screaming like a stadium during some of the awesome(COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE) scenes.  It’s a worthy Popcorn & Soda from me. I will see it 5 times and won’t get tired. Gaddammit, I am off to see it again sef.

Kiki: Certainly not the same thing for me. I just expected way more than what I saw. Maybe if I see it one more time in a secluded room I’d change my mind but for now, it’s a Popcorn and Hotdog for me. *dodges purewater* Yeah, yeah.  Go ahead. Sue me


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