[Photos] Nollywood Spoof Review Two. Jim Iyke, Linda Ikeji Star In film.


Terdoh: Hey yo!

M.Y: Welcome to the newest episode of our Nollywood Spoof reviews by Sodas & Popcorn.

Terdoh: That’s Sodas & Popcorn™ to you niggas.

M.Y: *sigh* whatever man. Got the goodies?

Terdoh: *opens briefcase* Yes, yes. I present to you, the newest entries for the on-going Nollywood Spoof competition.

M.Y: Brought to you by Sodas & Popcorn.

Terdoh: ™.


Entry 1: The Chop Father




Chop Father-Intense

Terdoh: Really Intense? Really? The Chop Father?

M.Y: If Segun Arinze comes to my mind, I would have thought out something like Thor’s Daddy Odin, The All Seeing One or something along that line.

Terdoh: I see you dissing Segun Arinze’s balls.

M.Y: The ones on his face.

Terdoh: That’s what I said. He does have big ass lips though. So I guess the poster works fine!

M.Y: “So you think you can chop?”

Terdoh: Speaking of…let’s see the others.


Entry 2: Woman of Copper

By Didymus


Didymus-Woman Of Copper

Terdoh: Didymus gives us a spoof of our favorite twitter celeb, award winning Actress, singing sensation and Poko Queen. What does Poko even mean?

M.Y: No idea man. No idea. Anyways this is called Woman Of Copper. This is funny.

M.Y: Anything dissing Tonto Dikeh is funny.

Terdoh: Wait. Is this like supposed to be a spinoff of Man Of Steel?

M.Y: Looks more like a Transformers meets Terminator kind of thing to me.

Terdoh: There’s no red and blue. L Do we hate Christmas now?

M.Y: Well, that’s the color of copper so you get the drift.

Terdoh: Oh well, it’s a great design anyway…

M.Y: Who are the two niggas chilling in the back though?

Terdoh: Bonzo and Ed.

M.Y: Did you just come up with minion names?

Terdoh: Yup.

M.Y: I’m not gonna be the one to recommend psychiatric help for you. Moving on…


Entry 3: Elegushi Rim

by The Smiling Hat



Terdoh: Now this…is hilarious.

M.Y: Haha! “To combat flooding, we wasted money on robots”

Terdoh: This thesmilinghat guy is just perpetually unserious. *sigh*

M.Y: It’s the way Emeka Ike is looking into the distance like “how do I scratch my balls in this thing?” that gets me.

Terdoh: Tony Umez is just posing like “hey, I got biceps in this thing so it’s cool”.

M.Y: This is actually pretty dope. This is the kind of thing we expect. And this entry has gone so viral on facebook. So I guess people love it.


Entry 4: Gold Chicken

by Juachiobi


Gold Chicken- Juachiobi

Terdoh: Is that Genevieve?

M.Y: Nope Genevi Adam.

Terdoh: See, I don’t like you anymore.

M.Y: This is a spinoff on Black Swan.

Terdoh: Thank you almighty genius, for pointing that out. We could not have figured that out by ourselves.

M.Y: You are most welcome. *Smiling*

Terdoh: That was…

M.Y: Yes. I know.

Terdoh: The art is beautiful. Needs a little touching up but if you look at the original picture you’ll know a lot of work was put into this.

M.Y: I’m just wondering why Genevieve had to have such huge eyelashes.

Terdoh: *sigh*


Entry 4: Jim Bond

by Yoxstudios


yoxstudios-Jim Bond

Terdoh: Again, another classic poster.

M.Y: Yox Yox. You made me happy with this one sha. Linda Ikeji and Jimmy Neutron all in one place “peacefully”.

Terdoh: Nadia Buari just staring at Jim like “Let this photoshoot finish. I will show you pepper”.

M.Y: Linda Ikeji just waiting to get the inside scoop.

Terdoh: Like a true amebo.

M.Y: Top contender in my books. This is some brilliant stuff.

Terdoh: Pretty dope if you ask me.


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M.Y: So that’s it for this week guys. *Adjusting tie and wearing jacket*

Terdoh: *Closing briefcase* Our work here is done. Bye for now.