[Photos] Check Out Your Favourite Celebs in The Nollywood Movie Spoof Competition 2013-Review One


Terdoh:  Hello dear readers and welcome to Review One of the Nollywood Movie Spoof Competition Entries 2013.

M.Y: It’s just day 3 in the on going competition and it has started going viral like a virus I must say.

Terdoh: And some really dope entries too I must say. But no Jim Iyke so far. *sad face*

M.Y: Sigh. I was so looking forward to seeing Jimmy Neutron. But then, its still the third day. Who knows, he may still show up.

Terdoh: So we are basically here to review the entries we have gotten so far. So I hope this is as much fun for you guys as much as it is for us

M.Y: I have got a favourite already sef. But I won’t tell ya. That would be partial of me wouldn’t it? So for those still looking to join, its open to everyone. Stick around guys. We will share details about joining in the competition somewhere down the line.

Terdoh: Every good designer that is. So here is an entry by a dude named Eledalo. And the poster is a design of an alleged “Insurgency In the North”. What do you think about it?

Eledalo-Insurgency In the Noth

M.Y: Well, I like Buhari’s face. He does look like someone planning an insurgency.

Terdoh: Or do you mean taking a really bad dump?

M.Y: Oh and that too. While Ashiwaju…I don’t even know what his role or Jagaban means

Terdoh: Is it me or GEJ’s neck is bigger than that of the Hulk? Never the less, it’s a good poster I must say. It’s really good looking

M.Y: SpywareCzar gives us the next entry and this features Omotola (@realomosexy) in “Cleopatra”. I like this one. I can imagine the story line already. There will be a poor sexy village boy, powerful king and a rich spoilt prince also.


Terdoh: You seem to be forgetting a piece of land. There is always a piece of land to fight over. But Damn! She really does look like a goddess in this I must say. Lovely work.

M.Y: Entry three is by SpywareCzar again.

Terdoh: Again?

M.Y: Yes O. Again. Baba good. So this one is called “Game Of Thrones” lol. I can imagine Aki or Pawpaw playing the Imp.

SpywareCzar-Game of Thrones

Terdoh: Why is Bob Manuel Jon Snow? Haha! Too stupid. Ramsey Noauh does look good as Ned Stark.

M.Y: By the way, I am sure the Starks aren’t all dead. Tony is coming for the Lannisters. I am sure very few people got that. Moving on to entry four which is by another dude named SpywareCzar. A really creative niggah with some good talent…


Terdoh: Dude, it’s the same dude.

M.Y: It is? WoW this guy must be on some serious cheat mode. This one is called “Naija Steels”. and it features Tiwa and D’Prince

Terdoh: This guy must be a Mavin freak or something. Nice stuff going on here, but I don’t think the name “Naija Steels ” works for me though

M.Y:  Naaaah. Me neither. Is he trying to make a pun out of Naija Sings or Man of Steel or mix the two. Whatever the case may be, He should have come up with something better

Terdoh: And last but definitely not the least is from some guy named …..

M.Y: You guessed right. SpywareCzar. And this is a spoof of the Executive governor of Edo State.

SpywareCzar-Captain Oshiomhole

Terdoh: Nigga sure got some balls. This is called “Capt Adams Oshiomhole”. This is good stuff. But once again, name isn’t so cool. And what inspired Oshiomhole to being a pirate in this one?

M.Y: It beats me man and yep I second that opinion. Name isn’t so cool either. So there you have it guys. Those are the entries gotten so far from the Nollywood Movie Spoof Competition. 2013. If for any reason you have no idea what this is about, please read the introductory post here.

Terdoh: If you like any of the entries, or want to enter for the competition or know someone who could win the grand price of 10,000 courtesy of www.tosanonline.com your favorite online shopping destination, the page to visit to enter is https://www.facebook.com/TheNollywoodSpoof.

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Terdoh: Oh and hey, it pays to be punny (that’s like a fusion of pun and funny) with your titles. It just adds to the humour. Cool? Cool? That’s a Terdoh tip. The ladies know about that.

M.Y: M.Y over and out.

Terdoh: Be cool. Like your internet mentor is cool.