Origin TV: YouTube Channel Provides Best Of Nigerian Entertainment


Origin TV logo Origin TV show, Boom E rangOkay, so there’s this new YouTube channel named Origin TV dedicated to Nigerian entertainment, especially Nollywood.

Among its lineup of programs is a family drama titled Boom E Rang which features Eric Obinna, Zikky Alloy, Damilola Awosemo…Bukola Thomas, Henry Arnold and so on.

Boom E Rang is a family Sitcom that revolves around a pensioner and his family, who while struggling to maintain a satisfactory family life, is able to keep up with societal values, modesty and good training for the children. It is shot in contemporary pidgin English.

I saw it, and I must say that it is quite good. Two episodes are already available on the channel, and you can watch them here.

If you don’t have enough data to watch the whole thing, here’s the trailer to whet your appetite.


Source: Linda Ikeji