Oprah Winfrey And David Oyelowo In Talks With Disney For The Waterman


Oprah Winfrey and David OyelowoOprah Winfrey and actor, David Oyelowo, are said to be in talks with Disney for a new film, The Waterman which was written by Emma Needell and will also star David Oyelowo.

Winfrey and Oyelowo are in talks with Disney to back the film which follows the adventures of a gifted young boy, Gunner, who runs away from home to find a mythical character said to be able to cheat death. He does this in order to save his dying mother, but his father, Amos also goes in search of his son, and this event helps father and son to learn more about each other.

There is very little else known about the project at this point, but we expect more to come out if the movie is eventually picked up by Disney.

There seems to be a special connection between Oyelowo and Oprah, as this is the third film they are working on together (in one capacity or the other); the previous ones are Ava DuVernay’s Selma and Lee Daniel’s The Butler.


Source: Shadow and Act