Nollywood Might Have Set Yet Another World Record; Releases 20 Movies In One Day

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Nollywood is notorious for the number of films it churns out every day, which is why UNESCO has ranked it second on the list of movie industries with the highest output of movies in the world. However, it seems the industry has outdone itself this time, that is if a report by TNS is to be believed.

According to them, a whooping 20 movies produced primarily in Yoruba language flooded the market on the same day (June 1, 2015). I don’t know, but this has to be a record of some sort. It gets even scarier when you consider that films produced in English, Igbo and other languages were not added to this list.

Apparently, the reason for the deluge of movies was the fuel scarcity that almost crippled the nation about two weeks ago. The film marketers were said to have put the release of their movies on hold till the fuel crisis subsided. Whatever the reason for it, I think 20 movies being released in one day is too much. I mean, is watching movies the only thing we do as a nation?

This piece of news brings up a very important observation; yes, piracy is a scourge that needs to be wiped out, but it seems the film business is still very lucrative. How else will you explain the huge number of people that are still making movies? It makes me wonder exactly where these people recuperate their investments, especially seeing as these movies go straight to DVDs and the DVD business has been locked down by Pirates.

Whatever the case, whoever is responsible for the Guinness book of World Records should come and investigate this report, because I think we have a world record on our hands.

Just in case you are interested, the films released include: Kabio Osi from Gemini Films & Marketing Nig. Ltd, Ipanle by Sun-Tab Film Productions, Kondom by Ola-Oye Global Concept Ltd, Ise Aje from Mercury Pictures Limited, Osole Part 2 by Almoroof Standard Investment Ltd, Adaba by Toymax Films Holding, Kilere Mi from Babtech Film Enterprises, Ogun Balogun by Bobby Jayjay Film & Music Productions, Ejika by Hibee Pictures Limited, Owo Ko Ni’fe by High-Waves Video Mart, Seto from Corporate Pictures, Anthony Adeyemi by ACE Production, Ojo Iwaju by Epsalum Productions, Okan Mi by Couple Productions, Jaguda Meta by Nureto Films Nig. Ltd and Hadiza from Isolak Films Ltd.


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