Nollywood Actor, Ebun Oloyede Blames Producers For Scourge of Piracy In Nollywood


Ebun Oloyede aka Olaiya IgweI think it’s good that the issue of piracy has been in the news for quite some time now. Continuously addressing the menace might be the first step in bringing about its end. Over the past few weeks, a lot of opinions have been pouring in about piracy and the way to move forward. While quite a few people have put forward meaningful contributions, others have gone the other way. It even seems a lot of them are using the victim blaming approach.

The latest Nollywood practitioner to use this approach is Mr. Ebun Oloyede, or as he is more popularly known, Olaiya Igwe. If you are familiar with films produced primarily in Yoruba language, you’ll sure know who he is.

While speaking to the News Agency of Nigeria recently, Mr. Oloyede claimed piracy itself is a secondary issue, and the main problem with the Nigerian film industry is the excess number of films in circulation.

“You produce like 40 movies in a year and you sell it for N200 … the pirate guy would reproduce it and sell it for 100 naira. So, which would the audience go for? It’s the one with lesser price that they would buy. Whose fault is it?” he asked.

“You as the producer, you are the cause because you produced too many movies. What we need to do is find how we can minimise the number of works we put into the market, from there, we now device a means of putting a good structure to protect our artistic work,” he added.

Mr. Ebun Oloyede is not the first to blame Nollywood practitioner for piracy in the industry. A few weeks ago, Cool FM presenter, Freeze blasted some actors who had gone on a protest march against piracy. The OAP claimed until these actors themselves stopped patronizing fake luxury goods, the issue of piracy in Nollywood will continue.


Source: TNS