[News]James Cameron to Develop ‘Battle Angel’ in 2017, After ‘Avatar 3′


In the not-so-distant past – before James Cameron’s “Avatar shattered box office records and displaced his own Titanic to become the all-time money-making champion – Cameron had plans to make “Battle Angel, based on the beloved Japanese manga series. Unfortunately, momentum on that project has stalled for a decade as Cameron has focused his energy on the Avatar trilogy.

Despite numerous promises that the movie will happen, fans have understandably had their doubts. However, during the technology forum TAG DF in Mexico City, Cameron shared a talk with Gravity director, Alfonso Cuarón and offered up a surprising timeline for his next three projects – he plans to tackle Battle Angel in 2017 after Avatar 2 and 3 have been finished.

Cameron dropped the comments in the midst of a discussion about, among other things, the role of technology in films and the collaborative nature of filmmaking versus the myth of the auteur – interesting words coming from the famously demanding director.

For those unfamiliar with Battle Angel, Cameron’s version is supposedly based on a sci-fi anime adaptation of a nine-volume manga called Battle Angel Alita. The manga follows an amnesiac female cyborg who becomes a bounty hunter after certain suppressed memories begin to surface.

Culled from screenrant.com

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