[News]Brad Pitt Talks British Extras, Possible Sequels & Bringing Philly to Glasgow at ‘World War Z’ World Premiere


Brad Pitt wants to you to know one thing about “World War Z” – it’s the ultimate summer thrill ride. Forget all those stories about production problems, swollen budgets, and massive reshoots. Now that the movie is completed and ready to open, Brad Pitt was busy turning on his movie star charm (with Angelina Jolie at his side, in her first public appearance since her double mastectomy) as he arrived for the world premiere of “World War Z” in London. As he greeted the media and throngs of fans, Pitt (who also produced) was full of confidence and excitement about the movie.

“It’s been a long time coming,” Pitt said, sporting a stylish black suit with an open collared shirt, aviator shades, and blonde hair almost to his shoulders. “We got this thing together – it’s biiiiiig, it’s good summer fun, so we’re really happy to unleash it here.”

When asked what prompted him to make a film out of Max Brooks’ novel of a global zombie takeover, Pitt’s immediate response was a good humored, “You got me, man! I don’t know, but it works!” After a beat, he took a more serious tone as he talked about the material. “It was kind of a genre-bender in the sense it approached it like a world pandemic and how would you survive if we woke up this morning and everything we concerned our day with was rendered useless,” Pitt said. “And how we protect our families, and what happens then? And what countries are actually in better condition to survive it and what aren’t. We started from there – it’s a really interesting book.”

Pitt also talked about the grand scale of the movie – “We had one thousand extras in one shot!” he said, half incredulous and half bragging – and revealed that Glasgow in Scotland stood in for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the movie. “That’s right, Glasgow is Philly,” Pitt said. “It looks great! It looks the business.” Much of “World War Z” was shot in the United Kingdom, and while speaking to the press in London, Pitt had nothing but praise for the experience. “[The UK has] got a real great international vibe, there’s a lot of different cultures here,” Pitt said. “We had an international cast that we had to reach out to. And tax rebates, man!”

And if “World War Z” takes off at the box office, Pitt is ready to give viewers a sequel if they want one. “We got plenty of material to do a second or third if this thing works!”

“World War Z” opens domestically June 21.*fingers crossed*



Culled from yahoo!movies