[News] Tunde Kelani Unveils First Official Poster For ‘Dazzling Mirage’ film about Sickle Cell



It was in November that veteran Nigerian director Tunde Kelani revealed that, for his next film, he would continue his streak of adapting novels by Nigerian authors, and was considering of Olayinka Abimbola Egbokhare’s Dazzling Mirage, as his next work.

Confirmed about 3 months ago, it most definitely will be his next film. The story revolves around a female sickle cell carrier and the seemingly endless flow of problems that enter into her life as a result of her genes.

 Betrayal, loyalty, love, travails, and triumphs against the physical pains, emotional trauma are experienced in the life of the sufferer as she forges ahead in the quest to be self-fulfilled. It also unveils and challenges certain myths around about sickle cell sufferers.

Director Kelani has explained that ‘’Even then it is an interesting love story, because all of us are connected directly or indirectly to the sufferers of this ailment. I’m intrigued by the writer’s approach to weave a love story with it and that to me, it is an attraction. I have also had personal relationship with sufferers of this ailment and I consider it my responsibility to bring their story to fore.’’

Kelani has officially commissioned award-winning London-based Nigerian screenwriter Ade Solanke to adapt the book, which she’s apparently doing right now. Solanke has an impressive resume, so this should be a well-written work.

What do you think about the poster? Impressive?

culled from allafricancinema.com

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